Prayer for…

Here’s a list of all of our prayers at Prayer for Anxiety. These are just a start.
Authentic prayer comes from the Spirit residing in your heart. This means conversation and a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Our most popular prayers:

When you don’t know what to do
When you feel overwhelmed
Prayer for my daughter
Prayer for anxiety & worry
Panic attacks
A loved one that hurts you

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Prayer for my son
Prayer against negativity
For decision making
Prayer for my family
Prayer for my sister
Prayer for healing a broken relationship
For a fresh start
Strength in trials

Other prayers:

For myself
To stay solid and strong
For a heart after God’s own heart
For a heart like Jesus’
For a hurting heart
When you made a mistake
For a tight deadline
For encouragement
To keep love strong
For those who wait
For a difficult situation
For God’s goodness
For when everything is going wrong
For order in my life
For deep healing
For guidance and direction
To get closer to God
For uncertain times
To be assertive
For preparation
To give thanks
To keep moving forward
To be vigilant
For everlasting hope
For courage & confidence
To leave negativity behind
For new coping skills
For clarity of the mind
To go all in for the Lord
For the prayer warrior
For spiritual abundance
For God to fill in the gaps
Of praise and worship
To stay steady and solid
To give thanks to the Lord (even in hard times)
To find refuge in the Lord
For a divided family
The hardest times
Of praise to the Lord
To open your heart
To pray more
For true freedom
For true confidence
To strengthen core roles
For a fierce heart
For the powerless
For when you are overwhelmed
For the courage to do the right thing
To be made new again
To stay firm in responsibility 
When you feel defeated
Restore your motivation
Clarity in the chaos
For faith in the Resurrection
For when you need a break
Praise to God during trials
Restoration during struggle
To be steady during panic
During chaotic times
To open up more to God
For an important conversation
In times of doubt
To be perseverant
For renewal
For when you’re not happy
For when you’re not sure
For when you feel stuck
To quiet the mind
For more of God’s love
For hard times in life
For worry and stress
To give more
For when you feel empty
To stay centered
For my children
Of praise to God
For when you feel far from God
For true patience
For challenging times
Against division
For complicated situations
To deepen my faith
To get back up again
For inner healing
For answers & guidance
To know God’s love
To stay on track
To get out of rut
For a clear mind
For strong faith
To stay positive
To grow spiritually 
For calm in the storm
To break free
For renewed strength
To renew my hope
To be faith-full
When life is hard
To rise up
To be bold in Christ
To be free of too much structure 
God’s will in my life
To be free of resentment
When you need to bounce back
When you feel worthless 
For spiritual healing
For a break from the struggle
For spiritual renewal
To trust more in God’s Spirit
To protect your heart
To not be so demanding
To cast out the lies of the enemy
Help with a difficult life
For spiritual growth
For me to be myself
Of thanks and praise
For time management
Protection against attack
When you are under pressure
For a humble heart
To get your work done
Against the lies you tell yourself
Accept what I can’t change
When you are tired
To remain ready
Deeper strength
To remember God’s love
Dream for God
To see deeper
For wound healing
For an opportunity
To know Jesus
To keep God present
To be useful to God
For times of transition
For the defenseless

More prayers…
For when you are hurt
For the little ones
For those facing division
For when you need to concentrate
For truth
To be able to change
To be a servant of God
To deal with confrontation
To be filled by God’s Spirit
For those who persecute you
For when I feel pressured
To remain steady
To live by grace
To purify my heart
For when what’s right isn’t clear
For a strong testimony
When you don’t know what to do
To get close to another 
For confidence
Thanks to God
For a family in crisis
To love God first
True humility 
The desire to pray
To stand firm
A strong heart
To renew my spirit
To praise the Lord
To see God’s glory
Against adversity
God’s guidance
To accept what I can’t change
Back to school blessing
To purify your motives
When you have to wait
To be full of the Holy Spirit
To be more attentive
Those struggling with addiction
To change our hearts
When you need focus
Dealing with narcissists 
To free & heal my family
When you feel like a failure
Help in spiritual combat
The lost souls
Peace in my soul
Praise and victory
To trust more in God
To do the right thing
A loved on who needs mercy
To heal from one’s faults
Proclaiming God’s victory
To offer up suffering
Of deepest praise
Strength in the Lord
To keep going
To praise God
The impossible 
When you need joy
Back to school
When you feel misunderstood 
When you feel alone

Freedom from sickness & pain

My brother

My sister

To hear God’s Spirit

When you feel confused
To be a seeker of God  



Against disorder

The darkest night

A united heart


God’s promises

When you are under attack

Peace in your home

Let the glory be Yours

When you are disappointed 

Healing a broken relationship


A new beginning

Back to school blessing
To be free

The broken

When your life is falling apart

Sleep and rest

A change of heart

When you feel lost

When you are scared

Your father




The martyrs

Against bad thoughts

Joyous thanks

Absolute protection

To see others mercifully

A pure heart

Uncertain moments

Peace in your heart




A spirit of service

Freedom from masks

Thanking Jesus


When you feel like giving up


When I feel thankful

When I feel down about life

A weary soul

A friend

Problems with weight gain

Those that have been lost
When you feel you can’t go on
A strong character
Against temptation
Freedom from desire for vengeance
Protection and defense
A merciful heart
Against fear
Anxiety and stress
Anxiety about money problems
Christmas Prayer
New Years Prayer