Prayer to purify your motives

Why do you do what you do? In your family life, at work – even at church – what motivates your actions? Do you want to control things? Do you want attention or recognition? Are you driven by greed? Or do you want to be a source of healing, service and love that glorifies God?

The enemy is very skillful at fooling us. He makes you think your good intentions are enough – even if mixed with selfish motives.

Seek the presence of God. Invest the time to examine your conscience. Let the Holy Spirit reveal to you where your motives might be impure. Then give up the things that make you a slave to your flesh. Be set free by the purifying work of Christ Jesus.

Prayer to purify your motives

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“My food,” said Jesus, “is to do the will of him who sent me and to finish his work. “

John 4:34

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4 thoughts on “Prayer to purify your motives

  1. a prayer to purify my kids soul and spirit seth cid Vidaurri and alonzo rafeal Vidaurri seay and jessiah allin Vidaurri and mine Sabrina Vidaurri please and thank you

  2. This is a wonderful prayer and I will be sharing this to others! The bible verse has the digits flipped. The corresponding verse is John 4:34 and not 43.
    Thank you for posting this.

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