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Prayer for Anxiety is a place for anyone who wants help dealing with stress or anxiety. We understand how difficult it can be to feel anxious, sometimes even for no reason at all. The resources you’ll find here are to help you handle – and even overcome – problems with excess worry.

The contributors at Prayer for Anxiety are people with experience in health care and pastoral ministries. Also, people who suffer from anxiety share their experiences here because many times only a fellow sufferer knows how to help another person who suffers.

All the contributors to Prayer for Anxiety are Christians from various denominations. One thing we share in common is our faith in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. We carry a profound belief in God’s ability to free us and heal us of any ailment.

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Vincent Chough is married and has five children. He earned his medical degree at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and practiced medicine in the USA for 10 years before relocating to Argentina.

“Depression and anxiety have become the leading health problems for all developed nations,” says Vincent. “We must take full advantage of the spiritual tools we have to face this crisis. Jesus Christ is the Great Physician, and I feel privileged to be an instrument in his plan of healing and salvation.”

For over a decade, Vincent has helped coordinate Bible study groups throughout northern Buenos Aires. This includes hard to reach places such as prisons and poor neighborhoods – he is witness to the tremendous healing power of God’s Word. Vincent also dedicates his time to writing and discipleship in schools and communities. He’s the lead writer at Prayer for Anxiety (prayerforanxiety.com) which helps thousands of people each week face the trials of anxiety and stress.