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“In the old days, writers and artists were supported by patrons. They were insightful people who had been impacted by the writer’s work. They saw value in it and felt strongly that it should continue.”

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Hi! I’m Vincent – the creator, lead writer and really, the only person who keeps PrayerforAnxiety.com online – besides my wonderful wife Sofia and all our prayerful friends of course!

When I launched this website in 2014 I knew two things:

  • That I absolutely loved writing for God
  • That he would bless people through my writing

Still, I wasn’t sure how this would happen. Now, over two years later, the Lord has shown me how much he can use one person with very limited resources. As of this writing, this site receives  more than 45,000 visitors in over 130 countries per month. We’ve also received thousands of prayer requests & comments.

Like I said, this site is run by me alone. I do all the writing, design, coding, updates, posting… everything. I have no staff and no support.

Thank you so much for subscribing! Every time someone signs up it motivates me to keep going. It hasn’t always been easy, and I admit that I’ve been tempted to quit sometimes. But the Lord encourages me to continue in a large part thanks to you.

It blows me away knowing that people in the USA, India, Kenya, Argentina, Egypt, Singapore, Haiti, Malaysia, Ghana – and over 130 other countries – read my prayers and articles here. What amazes me even more is when people comment about how much my words have helped them. There’s no way this happens on my own. God has certainly been at work here.

Maybe you’ve found comfort or strength in my writing too. Maybe you’ve also been blessed or encouraged by what’s written here.

My dream is to keep this site alive as long as the Lord finds it useful. I hope to reach more readers all over the world – especially those struggling with anxiety or depression.

Looking to the past to see the future

In the old days, writers and artists were supported by patrons. They were insightful people who had been impacted by the writer’s work. They saw value in it and felt strongly that it should continue.

Do you feel this way about Prayer for Anxiety?

Yes, I sell eBooks and other material here, but the money I make from those sales doesn’t cover my costs – not even close. One day I hope eBook sales will make this site self-sustaining, but I’m not there yet. Plus, I don’t ever want to run 3rd party ads.

I’d love to dedicate 100% to faith based writing. But this may only happen by the time I have grandkids… or great grandkids. That is unless you help.

So, if you’ve been blessed and motivated by the prayers you find here – I ask you to become a patron of mine today. It’s actually very easy.

It would be awesome if you can help me keep promoting God’s Word and His Promises in the digital space. Ask the Lord if this is something he asks of you.

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