Behind the scenes

Ever wonder what goes on at the back office at Prayer for Anxiety? Well, here’s an exclusive look!

vince 1

That’s me.

I thought it might be time to give readers a tiny glimpse at my personal life as the creator of this site. Since some of you have contacted me personally, and many have been praying for me, I felt like sharing a bit of my story.

Right now, I live in Martinez — a city-suburb of Buenos Aires, Argentina — with my wife Sofia and our five sons. I’m originally from Pittsburgh, PA. It’s been a long journey, but God has been kind and faithful to us.

Rooftops of Martinez

Rooftops of Martinez

We relocated here in 2004. Right now I work as a writer, and this website is where my writer’s heart finds its joy — in serving Christ.

Another place I serve is in a prison Bible study ministry. Every week, we bring the Word of God to nearly 200 inmates. Each time I exit the prison I come away greatly blessed by the men who have been transformed by the Bread of Life.

Prison Bible Study

Prison Bible

Holy Bible – Free In Jesus

Argentina has a rich history marked by periods of difficulty. The people have a huge sense of hospitality. A large part of their heritage comes from life on ranches and farms.

Traditional gaucho culture

I write all the articles and prayers on this site. My work will continue as long as God finds it useful. I even get feedback and prayer requests from as far away as Ghana.

Lake Volta in Ghana

Thanks for being interested in my story. You can email me at I’d love to hear from you!

For those who see value in my work, please consider becoming a Patron. All supporters get exclusive updates about life down here in Argentina and how our ministry is helping build God’s Kingdom.

Thank you so much for visiting and subscribing. I’m praying for you.

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God bless you!


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