How To Stop Negative Thoughts

How To Stop Negative Thoughts Prayer For Anxiety Explains

Let God blow your fears away

In some ways negative thinking is protective. It prevents us from leaping into danger. The problem occurs when negativity dominates our lives and affects interpersonal relationships. So how do we stop negative thoughts?

Are the walls really crumbling down?

When things aren’t the way we like  we are tempted to paint a gloomy picture. So we think, “Well, if I assume the worst, I can’t get hurt.” If disaster strikes we want to be ready, so we adopt this anesthesia against bad news. The problem is this can lead to a constant state of hurt affecting those around you also. Let the truth free you instead.

Stop labeling

The first step in how to stop negative thoughts is to stop labeling. Labels get you stuck. So do your best to avoid saying things like:

  • I always make mistakes.
  • My life stinks.
  • I’m a horrible person.
  • There is no hope for my family.
  • He/she is always a problem.
  • I’m always unlucky.

None of these labels are true. Don’t be fooled into believing them.

Stop projecting

Nobody can predict the future, so stop trying. If you keep telling yourself that you are going to fail, then you might just ruin any chances of success. Or if you keep imagining someone is going to end up in a mess, then you might not be able to see clearly in order to help. Try not to project doomsday upon the world.

Also, you can’t read other people’s minds, so avoid imagining negative thoughts into their heads. A person might not have returned your phone call or email for many reasons other than they hate you. Maybe they have a life to live first, right?

It’s not all about you

Remember, you can’t control the universe no matter how much you worry. This includes the bad things that happen. So much is out of your control. Accept this reality and free yourself from taking all the blame on yourself.

What are you really afraid of?

It’s time to dig a little deeper. What are your true fears? Coming to grips with these will help you even more than the coping mechanisms mentioned above. Perhaps you have had a traumatic experience in the past. Have you looked for a way to reconcile this?

Maybe you are afraid of failure, scared to try, or afraid of risk. Are you scared to live and trust in God? Maybe you feel that you deserve to control the world. Put away these self-centered ideas and begin to focus on something much greater: HOPE.

So what if you make a mistake? All people – great and small – have made great mistakes. But never give up hope. Life is an experience, not perfection. It’s often messy and sometimes even bloody. When a baby is born there’s pain, suffering, and blood. But then new life appears. And before all this goes great hope.

Prayer time

When you pray, let your negative thoughts blow away and unwind in God’s presence. Even if it takes a while, let his Spirit cleanse you of negativity. Then, when you’re ready, ask God for help. Ask him to put order into your thought process. The perfect order that he wants for you consists of faith, hope, and love.

When you stop to pray, you break out of the vicious cycle of negative thinking. Sometimes you have to force yourself at first. Begin with this simple prayer: “Jesus, I trust in you.” Repeat this over and over until you calm down enough to start seeing things more realistically.

Ask to be freed of negativity. Ask with confidence, and ask in Jesus’ name.

Even in moments of true darkness you can run to him. Focus on God’s great compassion and mercy. He will help you accept things as they are without worry. He might not change your situation, but he is guaranteed to change your heart.

Jesus showed us the way. His prayer to his Father? Thy Will Be Done. Let God take control.

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27 thoughts on “How To Stop Negative Thoughts

  1. I am grateful for this website that I just found. I had to have my 17 year-old dog put to sleep three days ago and I am so heartbroken that I’ve been unable to get out of bed again today, due to severe chest pain. It hurts to breathe. I’m lost without her, as she was my best friend. I knew the time was coming, I just wasn’t ready. I suffer from severe Depression and anxiety and had already gotten to the point where I was (am) afraid to leave my apartment, so this is not going to be at all good for me. I know that sounds selfish, but I am just trying my hardest to hold on here! Would you please pray for me?

    • Praying for you Rebecca… dear Lord, please help your child… bring her rest … pour out your peace and love over her… let her know she is loved… give Rebecca strength and courage… set her free, heal her…
      I’ll be praying for you every day!

  2. I was having problems concentrating when I prayed. Other thoughts (bad, regular or thinking about my next meal) entered my mind while I was praying. I was fighting them. I finish my prayers, but I struggle through. I have a heart condition and sometimes I wear myself out praying. But reading your comments helped me. And here is a scripture my grandma gave me and I have not forgotten it.
    “And, lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world.” St. Matthew 28:20. One more scripture I like “but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.” St. John 16:33″. Thank you for this and God Bless everyone who reads this website. Michael.

    • Hi Steve, you might find some of this helps for lustful thoughts. Also, ask God to purify your mind and heart. Do everything you can to avoid situations or media that leads to lustful thinking. Pray with perseverance always seeking the forgiveness and mercy of God. I’ll be praying for you on this end too.

      • I’m not sure if you’ve gotten this question asked before but at the point of judgement; for believers in Christ, is it normal to be really nervous and even tremble when we’re going to be giving accounts of the good and the bad to God?

            • I think the more we trust him and know him, the less nervous we are. God’s love and mercy are what make him so great. His presence is a place of peace and rest. We might think of being nervous from our earthly point of view – but when actually in his presence, it must feel wonderful. We even experience this now when in prayer, for example. This is the great gift given to us by Christ – confidence before God. God bless you!

              • I think the Lord every day For loving me With Mercy and Amazing Grace GBY Thank you for sharing Friend We do Serve A Mighty Awesome God Sometimes I feel anxiety My family members Sayed it in the Family Genes I Pray for Peace Be Still God got this Believe GBY Amen

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