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12,409 thoughts on “Ask for Prayer

  1. Lord I thank you for how far you have brought me and where you’re going to take me Jesus. I-Need you know lord so much despair, hurt around me right now I’m recovering from a stroke my daughter Joselyn was fired yesterday from her job and she’s been low in spirit I ask you please order her steps lord give her a sense of direction Jesus ..lord I ask you to pour out a supernatural blessing over my kids and I Jesus I feel so helpless with all that’s going on in my house right now lord please step in and take control of All my needs and concerns and bless Joselyn with another job.Amen

  2. Praying God continues to show himself strong in my life. On our lives. Im also praying we continue to meet him half way.

    Im so thankful God is doing a new thing in me. In us. Some days I thought I was going to lose it. But God reassured me that he had my back. Our backs. Time and time again. Everytime I turned to God , he healed and saved my soul. Thank you Jesus. I pray you continue to Help me to be just not a talker but a doer of your word. That I represent you to your standard and don’t fail you. I pray you continue to give me strength and laser focus to use the gifts you have given me. I pray you Continue to guide my walk. My talk. My prophetic gift that you blessed me with. Because Im no longer ashame of who I am but Im proud to be your daughter. Friend. Servant. Disciple. And prophet. Send healing where its needed. Restoration where it should go. And I trust that your Grace love and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life. Amen.

    • I need prayer for direction in my life. I’m a single mom that just came out of a very toxic and abusive relationship. I don’t have family or a support system around me and I just want to know what the Lord wants me to do next ❤️🙏

      • Heal first. Pray. Be still. Get your thoughts in order. Decide to fight for your peace. Get ready. Get prepared. Stay ready so you want have to get ready. God is doing a new thing in your life. Move forward without looking backwards. Take 3 deep breaths a day. Read Psalms 23 everyday until it you believe it. Trust God. Trust yourself and intuition the spirit blessed you with. Dont go back for the sake of your kids. God got u out safely and safely he will continue to guide and bless you. Keep you head up babygirl. Your kids are looking up to you and depending on you. The good news is God haven’t left yall out. He is about to do some great things. Allow him to show himself strong in your life and choose to meet him halfway.

    • Im praying God intercede and heal your niece, from the crown of her head, to the soles of her feet. And no weapons formed against her or her womb shall prosper. I pray he free her from any pain, or grief that is holding her back from her true purpose. I praying if its God will that he bless her womb and allow her to birth seeds of God. Seeds of greatness. And if this day ever come that she may have children, I pray she remember that the miracle that was sent only from Christ Jesus. Amen.

  3. I’m recovering from a stroke and just so much is coming at my kids and I My bill’s are mounting up against me I’m just overwhelmed I really need Jesus to pull me through I Ned him more than anything right now my kids and I are faced with so much

    • Lord we lift up Falon today. Provide all of their needs. We pray for supernatural security and stability as well as good health. You told us not to worry about what we will eat or drink and that you will never forsake us. The plans that you have for us are good; help this family remember that you will never lead their side. Amen.

    • O blessed Lord… pour out your blessings and providence over Falon… give him and his family provision for their needs… let Falon continue to recover to health and strength… pour out your Spirit and grace over the entire family… may them come together to face the challenges and grow closer in unity… lift up this family, O Lord, grant them your peace… lift up Falon, give him strength… make all things new in the love of Christ… in Jesus name, Amen.

      I will be praying for you Falon and your family. God’s grace, mercy, blessings and peace to you!

      • thank you so much I’m a single mom of three I really appreciate your prayers you lifted my spirits this morning God bless you Thank you

    • Mr. Falon. I suggest you surrender this day and this hour. Let Go and let God. Oh want you believe you of little faith. You just survived a stroke and still by his grace is here. Why cant you see the goodness love and mercy God has blessed you with. Time and time again he has reassured you that he will take care of you, and there is no battle he can fight and win. Cant you see he is good and on time everytime. God is by your side. His miracles will take care of your bills of only you believe. He will assist you. All he want you to do is pray. Read the word of God. Stay faithful. Stay hopeful. And stay positive. And so it is. And so it shall be. Amen

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