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10,103 thoughts on “Ask for Prayer

  1. Please pray for me I’ve been with my guy friend a year and now he doesn’t want anything to do with me and I haven’t done anything and I really have been sticking by his side from day one he was in a wreck last 4 of July and I took care of him and nursed him back to help he want answer my calls when I text him he text back ugly things to me that really hurts my feelings but yet and still text me saying he’s eternal grateful for me pray that God give me strength to get through this pain and hurt. I love him still

  2. Please pray for me. Its like I’ve been in my relationship for 13 yrs. 4 beautiful kids all by the same father. He never even considered asking me to marry him. Now as I walk and get more spiritually evolved, even the thought of me allowing this, this long hurts me. I really can say I dont even know if I want to marry someone who act like im forcing them, but still want to stay together and have sex. Im like over it all. But being im walking with the Lord, I know that he is love. It’s very conflicting because I want marriage the right way but the energy I get makes me not want too.

    • Dear friend,
      You are in a tight spot, but you are on the right path. If you are seeking God the Father and his Son Jesus, then you are on the right track. Pray for your relationship. Take your time and try to understand what God wants for you and your children. Pray for the father of your children too… not to force him, but to ask God to touch, heal and free his heart. Also, please get advice from a wise and trusted person of faith. These situations aren’t easy, but if you follow God’s voice, great things will happen. Be patient. Be kind. Trust in the Lord!
      I will be praying for you… God’s grace to you,

  3. Hi there can you please pray that God would purify my heart and give me a peaceful mind and courage to follow You. I want to follow God like for real God. I don’t want to walk in sin or be a liar. I want an obedient and loving heart. I want an honest heart and a joyful heart that glorifies God that doesn’t stand for fear. I am struggling with a lot things and humbly ask God for grace though I know I don’t deserve it.

    • Johanna none of us deserve God’s grace. For too long I was burdened with shame and guilt and never felt good or worthy enough. God never wants us to feel that way
      He has already paid the price for all our guilt and sin, there’s nothing we have done or will do that he didn’t take on the cross.
      If God has already taken the punishment and wants to make is free why would we punish ourselves. Go to god in prayer with the words you just wrote. Tell him you want free from it tell him you don’t want to do it anymore tell him you can’t do it yourself and he will reach out and provide what you need within you to be free. God forgives you so forgive yourself
      We all make mistakes and continue to make mistakes. We will never be worthy of god but the good news we don’t need to be. Jesus came for all sinners and turned no one away those who are free in him are free indeed

      Lord be with Johana, you know her heart and her desire to be with you, come and cleanse and heal her from her past. Show her who she is to you and not be defined by the past but the future with you. Pour your spirit on her and break the bonds on sin holding her back. Let her know your truths rather than the lies of the devil dragging her down. In your mighty loving name amen

    • Johana, I will keep you in my prayers. Pray often, ask God to guide you. Read His word daily. He is there for you and hears you. God bless yoo

    • Dear Johana,
      God doesn’t help us because we deserve it. He helps us because he is LOVE. So keep asking and keep trying. Don’t give up. The process is part of it. The struggle helps build your character as a daughter of God. Read his Word, pray, and connect with your church. These things are important. Don’t do it all alone!
      God sees your effort Johana. If you are sincere with yourself and with Him, great changes will happen.
      So open your heart! Let the Spirit in and rejoice!
      I will be praying for you. Be blessed!

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