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Your prayers make a difference!
Ask for prayer

Feel free to add your prayer requests here (scroll to bottom of page).
Or add your prayer support for others.
We all can intercede on behalf of our brothers and sisters in Christ.
Together we ask God to help you and heal you.

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1,545 thoughts on “Ask for Prayer

  1. Thank you all very much for your prayers and kind words. I am very grateful for this website and its people, words can’t express how much your kindness means to me. I am struggling to cope but I know that I must have faith in our Lord and Savior.

  2. please pray for me, i am struggling in my life. i am at my wit’s end and cannot bear anymore pain and agony.
    my loved one is incarcerated and i am drowning in debt. i have been taken advantage of by my business partner and the business failed. i am having anxiety and panic attacks daily. i feel like i am losing my mind.
    my girlfriend of 8 yrs is in jail and we are struggling to cope with everything. please include me in your prayers..please Jesus hear my cries for help.

    • Sorry to know your dilemma, we as a people face so much in this life though we must be sensible, especially because of our emotions-
      Remember there are steps to take securing your basic wares to care for yourself-
      Settle yourself with the counsel available to you about the mishap involving you and the business partner, seek legal advisory.
      I’m hoping you had some savings to catch your basic care-
      We may pray for direction as we are not knowing what to do..
      As your significant other is incarcerated there’s not much help she can partake in assisting you, be sensible because she needs you.
      Prayer is also the key to commonsense.
      Answers do come as we partake in the fellowship with others whom may be suffering as we share our dilemma that will turn into a testimony-
      When the Lord calls he removes all and anyone to any thing for His way to be clear…it could be family not only your business then your girlfriend-
      My experience is my children; now I’m still seeking the Lord also my devotion is to rely upon His WORD of Truth because the conviction is real; to change us to realize whom we truly need ..
      Put your time in with spiritual counseling..
      Seek help of your business venture-
      Things can turn around; and may not be as bad as they seem…
      You would not have come this far asking in a network for prayer if you were not seeking ‘Jesus Christ-like
      Faith is tried..
      Just believe..
      My mother told me these precious words..
      Answers the Lord… YOU!!!…

  3. Hi my name is Jessica, I could use some prayers since in my case the toxic person in my life is my husband. We’ve tried counseling but i believe he truly has to desire change in his own heart. It’s been 11 years of dealing with his harsh character. At times i feel so drained to even pray and i don’t want to feel that way. We both go to church but he truly diesn’t seek God. At times ask i want is out and peace for our two kids. That breaks my heart though when i think what the enemy is robbing us of because i know we could be happy. I know I’m not alone.. i need God’s strength to respond in grace which seems so difficult at times when I feel attacked in strife by him.. I love him and I will pray the anxiety prayer over him and myself.. thank you! ❤

    • I’m really sorry for your family…
      That’s critical..
      When exhausted you must get alone with Christ…
      You must continue to speak to the Lord about your innermost feelings because you are hurting-
      When toxic people don’t face themselves in their own issues usually there’s an episode to shake them to reality-.)
      As faithfully as you are trying to be to your husband thru prayer, he must realize he is responsible for his actions-

      I pray the peace of our Saviour to bless also intervene in your behalf especially as your children are watching their father destroy himself, not a good look, prayerfully within Godspeed the Father will send his guardian angels to assist you as watching over your children..
      And bring relief, this very difficult for you!
      Bless your heartfelt need…
      In Jesus Christ for he is able and capable-

  4. Hi i ask that you prayerfully pray with me and for me. My family my brother Allen pray that the Elohim can use me to share the love and hope of our Heavenly Father through the gift of salvation and restoration in Yeshua name.

  5. Misty, you are never alone i pray that God gives you the insight you need to be able to overcome your situation. Press towards the mark get your prize. God has big plans for you and your family. Gos bless you!

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