Prayer for my family

Here’s a prayer you can pray for your family. Want a change for your family? Then pray for it. Here’s our complete prayer list.

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Prayer for my family

Ask for prayer

 Should this site stay online?

34 thoughts on “Prayer for my family

  1. Of course this prayer should stay online!! God Jesus Holy Spirit all should always be online ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Thank you for your beautiful encouraging prayers!
    It is amazing how many lives your prayers have touched!
    Your prayers were sent to our misson email by a friend
    May we please have your permission tto share one and link to your site ?

    • Yes and you prAy for our family to fine a place we got evicted from our apartment for having my daughter and her children come stay with us they gave is 10 days and we been looking for a house but no luck we pray to God every day morning and night theses are my grandchildren how can I threw them out cause that what the manger WANTs please help me pray for a house AND God bless you

  3. The Lord has blessed you with sharing with others, inspiration from him. Thanks for sharing this with us all!!!!!

  4. Absolutely!! Very refreshing to see just the right prayer I needed this morning tucked in between knitting projects and machine quilting. Thank you

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