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Prayer for Ukraine

As there are nearly 300 prayers posted on this site, I haven’t posted a new prayer for some time now. My writing efforts now focus on answering prayer requests and on the Third Millennium Man website.

Yesterday, someone requested a prayer for Ukraine, and a faithful online friend responded. Jan is a true servant of Christ. She has lovingly responded to many, many prayer requests here. Jan is a blessing for me and for many others.

Here is Jan’s heartfelt prayer for Ukraine:

. . . . . . .


We lift our brothers and sisters in Ukraine up to You. Your Word tells us that “You are our refuge and strength and ready to help in times of trouble” Psalm 46:1.

Give them strength and courage Father, and help them in this time of trouble. Hide them (Psalm 27:5) when trouble comes, out of reach of their enemy.

Draw near to them so they feel Your loving presence Jesus. Comfort them (2Corinthians 1:3-4) and surround them with those who will pray for and with them.

When fear is upon them bring to their minds that “You are with them, for You are their God; You will strengthen them, You will help them, You will uphold them with Your victorious right hand” Isaiah 41:10.

Keep them warm as they huddle in cold basements and parking garages. Provide them their daily bread.

Bring sweet sleep to them when they sleep at night, knowing You are watching over them (Psalm 121:4).
Give them godly wisdom, clarity and clear direction of the steps they should take.

Send your angels as a hedge of protection around the people of Ukraine (Psalm 91:11).
Bring confusion to the enemy, blind them and whatever evil they do, let it fall back upon them.

I pray that the heart of Vladimir Putin would soften and that he would relent. Bring conviction to the hearts of the Russian soldiers so they would lay down their weapons and retreat. Stir the hearts of the Russian people and let their voices be heard to this injustice.

God, You love justice, execute justice to the people of Ukraine. Assert Your righteousness. Triumph over evil. Establish peace in not only the land but in the hearts of the people.

God of mercy, bring fathers, sons and husbands back safely to their home and family.

All power is in Your mighty hand Lord. Thank you for hearing and answering our prayers.

In the mighty name of Jesus,


Moving in a new direction

Dear readers… Here is the first prayer I ever published on PrayerForAnxiety…


Dear loving Father,

We lift up our voices on this first day of prayer,

For those that suffer,
For those that are anxious,
For those who find no rest sometimes
from their thoughts and their worries.

Oh loving Lord – we ask that you begin to free them,

Oh merciful Father – we ask that you begin to heal them,
Right now.

If we trust in anything, we trust in your mercy,
for the suffering,
for the anxious.

Let our prayer be received by your Spirit
to bring those that suffer home again.



I posted that prayer almost 7 years ago. Since then, nearly 300 more prayers have been published. Over the years, this site has become a place where thousands have found comfort.

God has certainly answered that first prayer in many wonderful ways.

Now, I’m thinking and praying over taking this site into a new direction. One of the reasons is that the Ask for Prayer section has grown a lot lately. Also, the pre-written prayer list is pretty extensive now.

So I want to focus more on prayer requests. This will enable a greater emphasis on concrete issues facing individuals and families that come to this site.

Everybody who lands here usually has a need. They are facing a challenge, trouble or trials, and they are reaching out. If they find a prayer that helps them, that’s awesome. If they ask for a specific prayer request, they can. And I’m hoping to focus more on responding to those requests.

The presence and prayer of some participants (you know who you are!) in the Ask for Prayer page has been a huge inspiration for me.

These loving, dedicated souls have been praying and comforting people they never met before. They are there nearly every day, waiting to respond to hurt, fear, anger and uncertainty with their love and prayers lifted up to the heavens.

These prayerful, faithful people also have their wounds, and they show them… as Jesus showed his.

And by the wounds of Christ we are all healed and set free in grace.

It’s truly amazing to witness the power of God’s love.

So, that’s where I feel God may be leading this site.

And as always, in prayer. So please pray for us all!

Be blessed by the grace and mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ,