16 thoughts on “Prayer for clarity

  1. Please all that know the word pray for me, pray for my strength in this current situation, my family and those around me

    Pray that God takes this pain away as swiftly as possible
    SN: no one close to me died (thank god) but I just lost my job, my apartment l, and my relationship all in one day i just need prayers

  2. First let me say I totally enjoy reading the prayers you post, and save them all! Please, please forgive me if I sound critical, but I’m seeing this more and more and it’s so sad.
    I’m referring to the fact that when people write out prayers or even in my daily devotional that our Lords name is not capitalized!
    There’s a major difference between putting into words, god and God. Lord and lord. His and his. Im just saying our Lord deserves the respect of having His name beginning with a captital letter. In Gods word at no time is His name referenced in a lower case letter.
    Thank you and Blessings,
    Merry Christmas,

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