Prayer to be faith-full

We all want people to be faithful to us. Deep down, we all want to be faithful too. Still, sometimes we fail. This goes far beyond just letting someone down or doing something dishonest. There are lots of ways we can be unfaithful.

For example, just talking bad about someone is not being faithful. Even if someone does something wrong, you don’t have to tell the whole world about it. Some things are best left to be dealt with in  private. Even “harmless” teasing can hurt more than you think. Remember to protect the ones you love and don’t expose them.

Faithfulness can also apply to principles, not just people. In some cases, we have to stand up for what’s right and just.

So how do you avoid things that erode your faithfulness? It all returns to the example of the most faithful one of all. Jesus is the example and source of our faith and faithfulness. Seek him. Know him. And be faithful.

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A message and prayer from Vincent:

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Greater love has no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

John 15:13


Oh heavenly Lord,

You felt it. They ignored you, looked away. They said they did not know you. They betrayed you with a kiss.

And for me, it cuts both ways.

I’ve felt it. People let me down, stab me in the back. And I even see myself walk by without even saying, “Hello”.

How many times have I denied you? Not caring for others, seeking my own gain, the know-it-all. I’m the thrice denying Peter and even Judas sometimes.

But still, I know…

Your grace pours down.

The heavens open up to me.

And your mercy sets me free.

You only give me love.

And despite the wounds and failures all around,

You are faithful always.

You did not protect your life. You gave it.

Help me, oh loving Christ, to forgive and to give. To have faith and remain faithful,

As my Lord is faithful to me.

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