Prayer for answers and guidance

Are you facing uncertainty? Not sure what choice to make? Or maybe you are confused about a situation. Can God give you an answer? Of course he can.

During moments of decision, take the time to consult with God. Ask him about anything and be patient. Then when he gives you an answer, the blessing’s baked in. Also, it’s important to be spiritually prepared for what God decides to show you.

Consultations with God may take time. This is one way he molds your relationship with him. You might want to keep notes about what the Spirit shows you while you pray — even if it seems like it has nothing to do with your question. Also, mark down Bible verses that speak to you during this time of discernment.

When the Lord decides you are ready, he will reveal his answers to you. In many cases, he responds to questions you weren’t asking about specifically — but they make a huge impact in your walk of faith. So ask anything. Get closer to the Lord.

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A prayer to help discover God's answers and get his guidance.

A message and prayer from Vincent:

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Call to me and I will answer you, and will tell you great and hidden things which you have not known.

Jeremiah 33:3

For my thoughts are not your thoughts,
neither are your ways my ways, says the Lord.
For as the heavens are higher than the earth,
so are my ways higher than your ways
and my thoughts than your thoughts.

Isaiah 55:8-9

Now we have received not the spirit of the world, but the Spirit which is from God, that we might understand the gifts bestowed on us by God. And we impart this in words not taught by human wisdom but taught by the Spirit, interpreting spiritual truths to those who possess the Spirit.

1 Corinthians 2:12-13


Oh blessed Lord,

I have doubts, questions. I seek answers, so I seek your presence now.

Prepare me first, oh Lord. Grant me your peace that I may be ready for what you reveal to me.

Give me the humility to accept your will and your way. May your guidance be present always, and may your answer come when I am ready.

Cleanse me of any selfishness. Free me of all deceit.

Let your Spirit show me that my true rest is in Christ and not the answer I seek.

May your response be a guiding message bringing me closer to the love of my Savior and Lord.

In his holy name I pray, in the name of Jesus,


6 thoughts on “Prayer for answers and guidance

  1. God let me ask you a question what’s wrong with your people which is women I’m talking about the black woman nowadays they say that they say that a man’s supposed to not depend on a woman they’re supposed to depend on themselves and they say that a man is supposed to be a man at times of trouble of anything in this world now what if your dad did not teach you how to be responsible enough with money what if your dad did not teach you to be responsible enough to be a man in this world what if a man was supposed to teach another man to be or how to be a man in this world to not fear anybody to not fear a woman to not fear what you fear the most which is yourself why do women always got to come at us man who don’t have a parent of a man in the house is it because of the hardship is it because of the simple fact that that man’s was supposed to take care of that kid that was supposed to grow up into supposed to be a man is it my fault? That I was supposed to be a hardcore killer a man in the streets a man supposed to provide and protect is it my fault that this was supposed to happen of a man supposed to protect his family which I cannot do the only thing that I can do is love my family is that wrong or right? I want the women out there in this world to understand that it’s not our fault to take care of a kid that was supposed to be a man is it my fault? Am I wrong for talking to a woman nowadays even though I don’t have any money? Is it wrong to talk to a woman to be able to say oh sweetheart I don’t have a job I don’t have money I don’t have things that a man supposed to have but I am very much a thankful and grateful does a woman supposed to take that and be like well I guess I can just talk to you I guess you know what I’m saying like is it wrong for a man to not have a life to be able to be with a woman? I mean does a woman supposed to work and a man supposed to stay home? Or does a woman supposed to not work and the woman stays home while the man works all day? And come home to a woman that can cook clean and take care of the man and be there for the man and be the queen for the man and things of that nature is it wrong for a man to just sit around the house and not do anything and wait for a woman to come to the door and be like well I’m here how are you it’s time for me and you to get together it’s time for me and you to love each other you know is it wrong for a man to be a man? Father of God I just feel like that women is always telling us or showing us or showing us the way about the world and they’re always coming back stating that oh why don’t you do what I do or a little bit better or why don’t you get out there in the world and just figure out what you should do should you do things more better than me and things of that nature some people stating that the women is now becoming the new man of the century actually it’s no it’s not they think it is but no it’s the simple fact that they’re talking about the parent who was supposed to be there for their child nowadays it’s like the big cousins which are women and the aunties which is the women too as well they figure out now we have to take on the the role or the part of being there of for their to be a parent to step in and be like oh now I’m the playing the part of being there for your child not you which is the man of the house now now I have to step in you know what I’m saying like I just feel like that women should not be able to say that to another man Even though you got the money the cars the clothes the quote unquote power or authority or the spiritual well-being of a person you should not be able to say that to another person whether if it’s in public whether it’s on an internet live social media it’s not your place to say oh I’m going to be your mother from now on or I’m going to be your dad from now on I’m going to play both of them rolls of being your mom or your dad just because it’s simple fact that they was not there for you it’s not because I’m saying this and it’s not because oh it’s the feeling or anything it’s the truth and it is what it is sometimes our parents need to stop up and say well if it’s like that then it’s okay with me but you are still my child you are still my children I will never turn my back on you guys ever I don’t care if it’s about money I don’t care if it’s about materialistic things I don’t care if it’s about a damn disease that is in this world and I don’t care if it’s about anything that does not concern this world dammit I’m going to be your damn parent I am your parent you don’t have to keep on going to somebody else just because all you need love I will give you love oh just because you want what you want it’s cool it’s all right I’m going to always be here for you and this is the parents should be able to say this to their child this happens all around this world their children is leaving their parents or their parents is leaving their children just because they cannot handle the simple fact that you wanted to talk to your children or your kid you don’t know how to communicate with your children or your kid then learn how to at least sit down with your children and be like well if it’s what you want you know I will respect you it says in the Bible you cannot provoke your children but you can love and you can protect and you can talk to and you can provide for your children you cannot provoke your child you cannot push your child not unless it’s about an advice that they need and in life I’m just saying what how I feel about this world nowadays because it’s not about us the children know it’s about the parents and what they did back in the day that affects today see I believe and this is just me I believe what our parents did back in the day back when we was not here back when we was not born here yet I believe that they need to fix what’s been broken and what they stole and what they’ve done and what they’ve done a long time ago way before I was born way before you was born way before anybody was born I believe that is starts with the parents because the parents was here they kicked down doors and made things happen think about have anybody not think about this before it’s not our fault that we are here I would like to say that I don’t know if that’s true or not I would like to say that you know sometimes in this world it’s not the children’s fault of what they do no and it’s not these people who has been doing things ever since day one no it’s not their fault neither I feel like it’s the parents the parents fault not even just because of affecting whatever that’s going on now it’s just cuz of what y’all did back in the day I’m talking about way way way back in the day like you know things that y’all know that’s going to affect us you know the past affects the generations the parents of today need to forgive themselves the parents of today need to pray more the parents of today need to go to their kids and say I know that there’s some things in this world that you guys do not understand but I do you know we do your parents ask your parents we do you know we apologize for the simple fact about the things that we have done back in the day when you was not even born yet and we apologize for everything that’s been going on it’s not our fault it’s not your fault it’s not even anybody’s fault it’s the simple fact about things that’s what’s going on in this world we have not changed which I’m talking about is the parents and us the world is changing not us father Lord God I want you go to every single parent in this world and tell them that they are loved regardless of what they do and follow God I don’t want you to bless the people who is going through something including parents kids even relationships make relationships even better and understanding and trying to be more of a man to that woman and the woman to be of a woman to their man and try to understand them a little bit more and we try to understand them a little better even though we don’t know how to even though we try to even though there’s some things in the way we should not let anything get in the way of being in love with somebody and I do mean anything whether if it’s money weather if it’s materialistic things it should not matter and based upon a relationship nothing should be based upon the relationship the only thing that should be based upon a relationship is

    love honesty Trust values hope salvation and faith and one another and believing in one another and trusting in one another 100% I believe that a relationship is based upon getting together and being together with one another and talking to one another about anything that’s on your heart anything father God bless us today tomorrow and on into the future

  2. Beautiful thoughts of the guidance the Holy Spirit gives us. Like the idea of taking notes while in prayer. I’ve done this while studying the Bible, but not specifically in prayer. Thank you for your continued faithfulness to follow God’s leading in your life with this prayer ministry. Blessings in Jesus.

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