Prayer for a new beginning

It’s never too late to begin again. No matter how hopeless it seems, no matter how hard the past has been, God can make you new again. Trust in his faithfulness and love.

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Prayer for a new beginning

Ask for prayer

For our God is a consuming fire.
Hebrews 12:29

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5 thoughts on “Prayer for a new beginning

  1. Please Pray lost My Soulmate November 7th of last
    Year and I just can’t get myself
    Together. I miss Him so much.
    I cry when I hear a song or see His handwriting on Some thing around the House. Please pray for my peace. Thank you

  2. Beautiful prayer. Thank you. In the fourth line from the end it should read “from you our Holy Lord” instead of “are Holy Lord”. 😃

  3. Need prayer for my marriage want Christ in it. May my wife see this that I want her more than anything in this world. Tracy Hartstack.

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