13 thoughts on “Prayer for a new beginning

  1. I have lost two daughters and a husband one was 20yrs and the other 12yrs. don’t let depression steal your heart. God has something better for you. when you least expect it.

  2. Thank you Father in Heaven for teaching me that the best things in life are free……Love, faith, laughter, hope, memories, trust, respect, thankful, happy, kind, honesty, forever, and it goes on and on.

  3. Thank you for sharing this prayer. It means alot to sufferers of General Anxiety disorder like myself. God bless you more and more😘

  4. Please Pray for.me..I lost My Soulmate November 7th of last
    Year and I just can’t get myself
    Together. I miss Him so much.
    I cry when I hear a song or see His handwriting on Some thing around the House. Please pray for my peace. Thank you

  5. Beautiful prayer. Thank you. In the fourth line from the end it should read “from you our Holy Lord” instead of “are Holy Lord”. 😃

  6. Need prayer for my marriage want Christ in it. May my wife see this that I want her more than anything in this world. Tracy Hartstack.

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