Have you ever felt like this before?

My life isn’t perfect.
It’s full of holes, deep pain, and sorrow.
But somehow God, you lifted me up again. How?
How does this happen?

To begin to understand, I can only look to Christ .
He touched something deep inside of me.
That place – where I’m not ruined by my wounds and my sins – you brought back to life. And I come to one conclusion.

It’s a miracle.

I think of you on the cross, and I cry out. I picture your mother and your disciples seeing you hanging there, and I wonder, “How did they maintain their hope?”

Then I look inside of me.
And find that same hope.

You gave me my life back.
How great is your love for me!

My only answer is to live in service and thanks to you.

And my tears of sorrow,
Transform into living rivers of joy.

If you have never felt this, you can. Ask for God’s forgiveness and healing. Get to know Jesus as friend and Savior. Don’t ever give up seeking his presence, and your life will take on a whole new meaning.

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