Love responds to love

Walk with him.

Walk with him.

SOME might say that being a Christian is the easy way out. What could be easier? All your mistakes are taken care of and all your sins forgiven. Who wouldn’t accept this? One mistake that even Christians make is to minimize the importance and impact of this.

Sure, it might seem like the easy way out from our point of view, but for God it was not easy. It wasn’t easy for him to offer his innocent son. It wasn’t easy for the heavenly Father to see his beloved and obedient child take the blame for all the wickedness found in the world.

So why did he do it?

The answer is God’s great love. He wants you to be free. He wants you to be able to live your life in a healthy way, free of the chains of your past. This also frees you to give a new inheritance to your children if you are (or will be) a parent. This inheritance is the promise found in forgiveness through love. Explanations can only help so much. But God’s great love heals you in the most profound way possible.

So go. Live your life. God loves you and lets you.

How are we to react to this great gift of freedom? Do we just go around doing whatever we feel like doing? That’s an option some may consider after discovering Jesus, but it cuts short your spiritual walk.

In modern language, when we love someone very much we often say that we “adore” them. When you fully understand God’s great gift to you, loving adoration naturally springs forth from you soul. It’s spirit answering Spirit; love responding to love.

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