Prayer for God’s goodness

There are some moments in life where it seems like there’s no way out. Your life feels like a disaster. It could be many things at once or maybe one major crisis. And in many cases, the hurt, pain, and loss are all too real.

One of the greatest messages we receive through the Gospels is hope. Even in the most difficult times, we can strive for hope. Even after the most painful loss, we can eventually gain peace again. 

It doesn’t mean you forget, or that your life is perfect, but you continue. You can even thrive as time passes.

Still, the hard times never pass by easily. You will be tried and tested. But if you hang on tight to Jesus and his promises, the glory of God will eventually shine though. 

Trust in the Spirit. Don’t give up. Hang in there. You are worth it, and you are worth it to God. 

Are you facing something very difficult right now? Does it seem like everything is going wrong? You might even be suffering due to your own faults. Maybe you are having a hard time managing a tough situation.

When you have reached your limit, there is one thing you can always appeal to: the goodness of God.

When you just don’t seem to get it right, even though you try your hardest, appeal to the goodness of God. This takes a tremendous weight off your shoulders. You can never go wrong with this request. 

You can only do so much, even in your most personal struggles. The final word is God’s Word. Lean on him and into him for help. Open up to his Spirit and let him work. 

Remember, when Jesus was crucified, it was not the end of the story. God had much more to do and say. Meditate on this truth. Today is not the last chapter of your life. Even sin and death were defeated by the power of God. 

The resurrection of Christ is real. It is eternal. Even in the darkest moments, we can find hope in this. It’s never too late to see the goodness of God shine through.

Prayer for the goodness of God

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Prayer for the goodness of God

O merciful Lord,

Send your grace. Pour out your Spirit. By your mercy and according to your holy will.

Not by my works or any merit of mine,

I come to you humbly with my request.

I appeal to your goodness alone.

May it glorify Christ in heaven and bring blessings here on earth.

In Jesus name I pray,


10 thoughts on “Prayer for God’s goodness

  1. Thank you this was personal when I read it. I am living with god’s hope to make a way and give the things he has put in my heart. Without his hope the hard times would swamp us. Praise god

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