Prayer for anxiety about money problems

Heavenly Father,

I know that you are good and merciful,
But right now, things look dark to me.

I’m worried about money, and I come into your presence to ask for help.
I can’t seem to make ends meet.
I can’t even save a penny,
Just putting food on the table gets harder every day.
I worry about debt or getting into debt.

Won’t you help me Lord?

I believe in your Divine Providence.
Free my heart from fear,
Liberate me from the paralysis of worry.
Fight for me, dear Lord, against the evil forces that tell me there is no hope.
May your Spirit fight for me.
For your love fears nothing.

In you, all things are possible.

Let it be done your way heavenly Father.
Give me courage and strength to make it through these tough times.
If it be your will, send me help from above.
Let it be your miracle, the way you want it to be.

Allow my understanding to grow in this process.

Show me how to trust in you,
Take control of all my problems pertaining to money.
Let it sink deep down into my heart and soul,
The truth that you are the owner of all things,
And I am just an administrator.

All accounts go back to you,
For you are the Creator.

The price you paid, oh Jesus,
Shows me your economy.
You settled all my debts of sin and disgrace.
In this truth, let me find courage and strength.

Give us this day our daily bread, loving Father.
The Bread that is Christ.
Our victorious Savior.
In his holy name,


Matthew 19:26

Begin to trust now.

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Image  by Maurice (cropped with text added).

11 thoughts on “Prayer for anxiety about money problems

  1. Pray for me about money issue in my life at the moment i and my son leave with my parents,my husband and I now leave a separate lives all because of money.

  2. I ask for prayer for myself and my 2 sons. I’m trying to find a job in Sacramento where I live, because I’m commuting to Stockton which is an hour away. I’m praying for both my sons to get full time jobs so that they can get back on their feet. They both had to move in with me last August 2016, and I know they are both getting frustrated and depressed. I thank u in advance, and I claim and receive all the blessings The Lord has for all of us! In Jesus mighty name Amen!

  3. Please pray for me and My Family. Ive been struggling with Money for Many years now. And Seems its not Ending … Please, i Need your prayers so i can get through this. Thanks.

  4. Please pray for my family, for a very long time we are going money problem I ask you to pray for my family to get us thru this tough times. Thank you

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