Prayer for when you are under attack

When you are under attack, invoke the Spirit to defend and fight for you. Cover yourself with the protection of the blood of Christ.

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Prayer for when you are under attack

This prayer for when you are under attack illustrates key principles to spiritual combat:

  1. The conquest of Christ’s love in your heart.
  2. Complete trust in God, especially during moments of threat or danger.
  3. Praising God during the battle and knowing that this is your greatest resource.

This prayer was partially inspired by Revelation 19.

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5 thoughts on “Prayer for when you are under attack

  1. Thank you for this wonderful prayer of protection over me, because I’m in danger of attack devil, real attack darkness of days and nights constantly.
    So this PRAYER is blessing of encouragement to me. I believe in God went he will protect me and never leave me
    I thank ever that I’m a live, because I know he looking after me.
    May God Continue to Bless you All and keep u safe in his arms. PRAISES HIM. AMEN

  2. I love this app! And the prayers are truly helpful as well as the variety of information that pintrest has. Thank you for the great job that your company has been doing.

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