6 thoughts on “Prayer for when you feel you can’t go on

  1. I need prayers for my family. They are in turmoil do to an incident that happened two years ago between family members. It isn’t resolved and we are all suffering.

    • Dear Lila… It’s never too late! Hope lives inside you. Let God show you how. He can and will help you. Cry out to him!

      If you feel like you might want to hurt yourself, please don’t. You are a beloved child of God. If you need help you can call a number from this hotline website.

      Dear Lord, please lift up Lila. Let her know her life has value and that she is loved. Let her see that this love does not depend on people or circumstances, but on the great love that Jesus shows us. Let Lila feel the love of Christ deep in her heart in the most sacred and protected place. Pour out your mercy and grace over Lila. Help her Lord! In Jesus name, Amen.

    • Ask your gurdian angel help you and blessed virgin mary it does help hope your be ok even though I don’t no you and you don’t no me hope for the best no one can judge you only god hope you didn’t mind me commenting best of luck 😇😊😅😇

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