How to deal with feeling overwhelmed

How to deal with feeling overwhelmed

Prayer helps you regain focus

You know the feeling. It’s not just way too much to do. It’s more than just not enough time. It is a feeling that you will never, ever get out of the hole you are in. You don’t just have a few things to do, you have many things to take care of – and they are all a big deal. Let’s find out how to deal with feeling overwhelmed.


Sometimes just waiting changes everything. You can’t fix everything now. Time tends to help clear up any mess or at least reveal the correct path to take. We often make a mistake speeding ahead only having to waste time backpedaling. Stand fast and wait.

Write Things Down

Make a list of your routine activities. Take a minute and look at your list. What is essential? What isn’t? You can’t be everywhere all the time. Think wisely about where you are needed, and recognize your limits. If you get burned out you won’t be of use to anyone. Have the courage (and humility) to remove yourself from non-essential tasks or ask for help.

Making a list helps put your thoughts in order. Write things down so you don’t feel like you have to remember them all the time. Scratch off with glee the tasks you accomplish.

Do The Hard Stuff First

When we put off the unpleasant chores, they eat away at our peace. When you get the hard chores out of the way, you feel light and free. Clear the big stuff first.

Talk To Someone

Find ONE person (not necessarily someone who will give you advice) that is a great listener. The person should be extremely trustworthy. Don’t go around telling everyone your worries, and make sure you protect your heart. Just letting it all out helps relieve emotional pressure.

Put It Into Perspective

Will it all matter in one year? Five? Remember, most problems do not last forever, and we learn to cope and live with the ones that last a long time. Look back on your life and recall the problems that are now just memories.

Energy Conservation

Sleep and rest well. If you are tired, you make more mistakes. Force yourself to take a break. That way you can focus better and not waste time fixing errors. Sleep at least 7 hours a night.

Throw Stuff Away, Recycle, or Donate

Are too busy cleaning and organizing stuff? Then get rid of it. Recycle or donate if you can, but the less stuff you have to take care of, the more time you have for other things.

See Yourself As You Are

Sometimes feeling overwhelmed is due to perfectionism. Does this sound like you? Then cut yourself some slack. Don’t try to finish everything today, and enjoy the freedom to make mistakes and finish things later.

Ask For Help

No matter what the problem is, there is someone that can help. Be prudent, but never be afraid to ask for help. Also, delegate jobs to others who can pitch in.

Do One Thing At A Time

This might sound impossible since you are working on multiple projects at once. Or you are cooking while prepping the kids for school and suddenly have a dirty diaper to change. But the idea is to focus your mind on one task at a time. You might have to switch gears frequently, but try not to work your mind on multiple levels.

Pray Hard

Feeling overwhelmed is just that: a feeling. Your time spent with God gives you clarity to see past your feelings. Some think that prayer is a waste of time, but the truth is that prayer saves time. All the advice above will be much more fruitful if your efforts are saturated with prayer. Let God show you what’s really important and what you must let go.

In Isaiah 7 the Lord tells the prophet to give the king of Judah this word of advice:

“Be careful, keep calm and don’t be afraid. Do not lose heart…”

The enemy is looking to bring you down with the only weapons he has against you – lies and temptation. The lie is that you are stuck facing the tsunami of life with no way out. The temptation is to lose hope in response to that lie.

It’s okay to be weak sometimes. But never forget where to get your strength again. So when the enemy says he’s going to tear you apart, remember:

”This is what the Sovereign Lord says:

“‘It will not take place,
    it will not happen.”

Stand firm in your faith. Build your character through prayer and God’s Word. For there is a promise…

 “Therefore the Lord himself will give you a sign: The virgin will conceive and give birth to a son, and will call him Immanuel.”

God is with you. Do not be intimidated. Take real steps to get organized. Christ is forever your strength and defense.

Fear not

Read this prayer card when you feel overwhelmed.
Let us pray for you.

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