42 thoughts on “Prayer for problems with weight gain

  1. Help me o Lord give me your strength I need to put on weight am tired of seeing my self skinny I know there is nothing you can not do help me I need your super natural weight that is good and attractive o Lord thank you for answering my prayers thank you God for in JESUS PRECIOUS NAME I PRAY AMEN 🙏

    • Amen.

      Send your healing grace, O Lord… please help Mercy to reach a healthy body weight… pour out your Spirit, pour out your tenderness… bring health and strength, O Lord to Mercy… in Jesus name, Amen.

      I will keep praying for you. God’s grace and blessings to you Mercy!

  2. Please help me Lord am too skinny people make funs with me on how I look
    Someone should pray for me I need a better stature that is attractive and nice
    That is good

    • I am praying for you Abigeal…

      Give Abigeal health and strength, O Lord…. let her come to a healthy body weight… give her strength and stability,… pour out your loving Spirit over Abigeal in great abundance, O Lord…

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