Prayer for when you are scared

Let this prayer for when you are scared inspire you to call out to God in any circumstance. Jesus Christ is our victorious King. Trust in him to protect and deliver you from any evil.

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Prayer for when you are scared

Ask for prayer

Jesus often said “Fear not!” When you fully trust in your heavenly destination, Christ’s Spirit and love cast out all fear. Dedicate time and effort to prayer and you will find your strength in God.

Do not be afraid. The Lord fights for you! Our victory was guaranteed on the cross and confirmed in the resurrection. Praise God!

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3 thoughts on “Prayer for when you are scared

  1. I am faced with The problem of marrying my boyfriend of 10 months to help him with his citizenship status. I am only 18, Him 19, and Im a first year college student. We love each other so much and we feel God has brought us back together (we broke up for 5 months) for a reason. I know he would never hurt me and he has my best intrest at heart. I also want my boyfriend to be able to live a regular life, and go to college like me, but not being a citizen is holding him back and that hurts me. I need prayer so I can know how to deal with this situation. I feel Confused and stressed out and I don’t want to be anymore.

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