10 thoughts on “Prayer for wisdom

  1. Please pray for me, I feel very betrayed & just used by my older sister that I had lent money to, & bought groceries in the past and even had gotten a loan for and of course she got her money and has forgotten all the times that she said she would repay and give me & my husband extra money because we had helped her out, so many times!!!! I feel so hurt!!! And I just can’t believe, I fell for her antics!!! Again!!!! She claims to be a holy moly Catholic & Evangelist!!!!! What a joke!!!! It’s ok God, I know you see, everything & feel my heart breaking & see all my tears!!!! Please, someone, tell me when am I going to feel better about trusting Family!!!! Especially, this Sister!!!!!

    • Dear Teresa… I’m so sorry to hear about your troubles. Family conflicts are very hard. I am praying for you. Also, check your email… I’m going to send you something that might help!

    • You did your best. Let the favors you did for her go. Do not expect to be paid back. God knows and remembers your kindness. Just dont help as much going foreward.

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