9 thoughts on “Prayer for wisdom

  1. Please pray for me, I feel very betrayed & just used by my older sister that I had lent money to, & bought groceries in the past and even had gotten a loan for and of course she got her money and has forgotten all the times that she said she would repay and give me & my husband extra money because we had helped her out, so many times!!!! I feel so hurt!!! And I just can’t believe, I fell for her antics!!! Again!!!! She claims to be a holy moly Catholic & Evangelist!!!!! What a joke!!!! It’s ok God, I know you see, everything & feel my heart breaking & see all my tears!!!! Please, someone, tell me when am I going to feel better about trusting Family!!!! Especially, this Sister!!!!!

    • Dear Teresa… I’m so sorry to hear about your troubles. Family conflicts are very hard. I am praying for you. Also, check your email… I’m going to send you something that might help!

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