7 thoughts on “Prayer for hope

  1. I have one prayer to ask: This prayer is a prayer that can be answered but it takes time and complete focus. At this time this prayer is so enormous that I beg I to go to the Lord and ask him to show the what the issues are that I have in the – (not sure what it is, but it needs to stop before it can be answered)- that I can let go of. For the Father has said that what cannot be changed cannot be removed it is forgotten by the mercy of his forgiveness. I ask in the prayer that I am about to tell you and it may seem a bit complex but at the same time it is not that complex and not that simple/ with that being said what I need for the very understanding prayer is not something that should be asked in a simple one sec prayer it takes time to understand how to ask for the prayer that I need at this time and for the rest of the days before the judgement its not that I want his prayer to reverse and cause god to never forgive me. For in this prayer before I really ask of this: You should know that the glory of heaven will help you to see what prayers the LORD sees and when and {why} he ignores the prayer ( always just or never unjust but a true blessed prayer). I need to have this prayer answered correct I am not searching for evil I am searching for someone that can prayer for me as if it was a true prayer/ in this prayer that I need I was dreaming of two different dreams at the same time: and it was of someone one soul and death. But the Lord moved it out and than he saved that part of the dream that actually became true… But since I asked him to not allow this to happen he answered me. At that point I knew that if I was not going to allow this to happen then what was the reason for this happening to begin with? I just want to some kind of reason to for —CHRIST TO REBUKE THE EVIL BEFORE IS DONE— I ask that of anyone that see the face of god.

    • The Lord is faithful… he will show you in his time. I will pray for you, but I’m not the one that can reveal it to you.
      God bless you. Keep trusting and seeking his will.

  2. I praise God. Thank you. I feel God is with me. My despair was great. Diagnosed with a rare and incurable disease. I thank Jesus for His healing. May Our Lord bless you mightily. Please pray for me. I pray to see my only grandchild grow up and to be here to help my only child. May I help others and do God’s Will. Amen.

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