Prayer for absolute protection

You can pray this prayer when you need protection.

Do you want your life to be different? Then go deeper into prayer.

Prayer for absolute protection

Ask for prayer.

This prayer is inspired by Psalm 27. The world tries to convince us that the peace and prosperity of man will save us. But our soul yearns for an eternal answer. The only real security we have is in Christ Jesus.

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18 thoughts on “Prayer for absolute protection

  1. Sir, I am having a negative thoughts in my mind regarding always keeps on thinking the thoughts of about how is this happened and that happened continuesly until I don’t found the answer and finally if not than I get anxious, worry and fear and discouraged so please pray for me.

    • Dear Lord… protect and defend Leno… send your mighty Spirit oh Lord… bring peace and calm… let your mercy rule… pour out your grace over Leno.. in Jesus name, Amen.

  2. I need prayers for a friend of mine and her husband. I’ve learned that there is witchcraft in my town and my friend is a victim. I know that demons need no formal invitation when there’s uncleanness in your life such as drugs or idols and yes that’s a factor. I know who I am in Christ and living in deliberate disobedience is tearing my relationships apart.

    • Praying for you Jennifer, your friends and your community.

      Dear Lord, pour out the blood of Christ… send freedom, send healing… pour out your mercy and grace… set the captives free… in Jesus name, Amen.

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