6 thoughts on “Prayer against temptation

  1. I want my life to be happy, my priority my devotion to jehovah, , an if you refuse , fine I will accept, right now my mind like hearts , but I know you know what your all promises thousand , though, your all though clearly in my mind and jehovah listen all,you though, your promise not be broken, but it you want to back out, fine, I trust you , I’m very frond of you, , so now if your mind back oyt, tell me right now, so I can do the right disistion in my life, his mind like want to back ward, OK fine ,

  2. I’m positive that all your promise to me, I put in my heart and soul , I can not change my heart to forget all your promise, these is not play game , this is serous matter, , so no need you prayed thousand words , like sense you are not trust your though, , you need to think jehovah he knows all you promise to me, but it’s up to you, I try my best to help you to become close to jehovah, if you refuse to me , OK I will accept, but one words don’t refuse to love jehovah, even you fefuse to me ok, even pain I can not do anything,

  3. Unless you make a true heart fealt about repentance for sin. Life won’t change. Ask Jesus to come to know you! Not you to know him.

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