Prayer for when you’re not sure

Are doubt and confusion bothering you? How can you find a clear path? How can you get the answers you need?

Sometimes God gives us a clear answer, but we don’t want to hear it, or we are afraid. In other moments, he might not give a specific answer, but time spent in his presence enables us to make wise decisions.

In every case, when you seek God’s counsel, it helps. A stronger relationship with the Lord improves every area of your life, especially in moments of doubt.

You might have to live with uncertainty in some things, but in the love of Jesus, you are 100% secure. So seek his Word. Listen. Obey and be blessed.

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Prayer for when you're not sure

Audio message and prayer from Vincent:

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Jesus answered them, “This is the work of God, that you believe in him whom he has sent.”

John 6:29

But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things shall be yours as well.

Matthew 6:33


O blessed Lord,

Clouds and doubt fill my mind. I seek answers and truth. So here I am. I seek you.

I appeal to your goodness and loving mercy, O Lord. Guide me, show me the way.

Set my house in order first. Show me if I must change, forgive or ask for forgiveness.

Prepare my heart to receive your Word revealed to me. Help me to accept and trust in your answer. Let not my fears get in the way.

May my guide be Christ, my Master, my Lord. He trusted unconditionally, his obedience complete, and the love of God poured out to save the world.

May your Holy Spirit, who resurrected Jesus, give me confidence and clarity.

As I am your child. I am never alone.

In Jesus name I pray,


4 thoughts on “Prayer for when you’re not sure

    • Dear Karen,
      I know exactly what you mean. I’ve been there too. Eventually I understood though. It took time, but the process helped me to trust more in God. Please don’t give up hope. Keep trying. You can do it!

      I will be praying for you!

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