Prayer for peace in my home

Many times, the greatest conflicts and challenges happen at home. When we ask God to bring us peace, he is faithful in his promises. Don’t rely on your strength alone. Instead, depend on our heavenly Father, who is the author and bringer of true peace.

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Prayer for peace in my home

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37 thoughts on “Prayer for peace in my home

  1. Please pray for my 30 year alcholic daughter.. She’s a binge drinker.. Won’t leave my apt. But stresses me a lot. I am 67years old. Help us for peace and that she gets help. In Jesus name AMEN

    • Hi Dora… I’m so sorry to hear about your struggle. This kind of thing is never, ever easy. Have you considered an Al-Anon group? They help people cope with situations like yours. Try to connect to a group if you can.

      I will be praying for you and your daughter every day!

      Set the captives free O Lord…

  2. Please pray for my son sarosh manuel voo, his no focus in his study and his hand writing also very2 bad. Im almost sarounder to guide him to be good and focus and writing, his have a good behavier. I really worry for him.

  3. Please pray for my sister Carla and my brother Donald. My brother has cancer and my sister has congestive heart failure and COPD. I love them both very much.

  4. Prayer for my daughter for that demon addiction of herion, And that she experience That Jesus Is Real and theres nothing That Jesus can’t remove or do, in Jesus name I Ask. Thank You and Amen !!

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