Prayer for a loved one that hurts you

Here’s a prayer for when a loved one is hurting you.  Are you feeling weak and hurt? Find strength through prayer. Our complete prayer list.

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Prayer for a loved one that hurts you

Let us pray for you.

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56 thoughts on “Prayer for a loved one that hurts you

  1. Please pray for my fiancé who is in rehab for alcohol and drugs.i am also a recovering alcoholics who hasn’t drank in years.i know she is getting the help she needs.she also says she might be staying near rehab to many states away.i know god is in control.we loved each other very much,together 13 years but she has struggled on and off.she has been there 4 months in treatment.please pray for healing for us both and if it’s gods will to restore our love for each other and us to love each other in a godly way.i don’t know if I still have a us both to forgive and heal.and for me to work on myself and accept gods will in this.god bless thank you

    • Yes, yes, yes… all the things you say have value. Don’t ever lose hope! Don’t give up… God is faithful, especially to those who suffer the most. These are the ones that can understand the suffering of Christ. Offer it all to him.

      I will be praying for the both of you!

  2. Please dear god stop my sister and husband from their affair
    I need him to understand the real her the person who wants to destroy me by telling lies
    Stop him from breaking my heart ,

    • Dear GOD
      please help my mom
      i love her i don’t like her
      she hurts me all the time
      talks to me like i’m the stupid little girl
      that she hates
      i need HELP dear lord
      HELP ME

  3. Asking for prayer to remove all hurt and pain that’s keeping a strong hold on me ,that’s keeping me from moving on in my life . My marriage that has disconnected, family, kids and there kids.

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