61 thoughts on “Prayer for a loved one that hurts you

  1. I need you help Father God!!! I call out to you.My heart is broken, I promised not to love again, and I fell. I quit my job, and I think about taking my life. My two brothers committed suicide. I want to be at peace. I know God loves me, but I can’t feel Him.I know Him but I can’t seem to find Him. I reach out to Him but have lost faith. Heal my broken heart, my spirit is weak, my mind is confused and my soul is sad.

    • Oh dear Helen… I’m so sorry about how you are feeling and what has happened. You are hurting so much right now. But please, please, please don’t give up. Just you reaching out to God is a good sign. Please, dear Helen. Do not give up on yourself. Your life is worth it! You are worth it!

      Reach out and talk to someone about how you are feeling.
      Stay connected with us here. We will help you.

      I will be praying for you!

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