Prayer for a loved one that hurts you

Here’s a prayer for when a loved one is hurting you.  Are you feeling weak and hurt? Find strength through prayer. Our complete prayer list.

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Prayer for a loved one that hurts you

Let us pray for you.

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35 thoughts on “Prayer for a loved one that hurts you

  1. Oh dearest heatherly. I love you and miss you but don’t understand you. Please come to me with an apology and a plan. Blessed jesus. Praise jesus. ❤😘😁

  2. Yes , trust in the Lord my dear and leave it all to Him; sometimes in life we will endure pain and suffering, and at times God will allow these things to take place for whatever reason He sees fit for it to. We can’t question it, we just have to know that He knows what’s best for us, and we have to trust him totally to get us through it. Remember we have favor with Him, and He won’t allow more than we can bare. Pray for your husband and his lover, that they may see the wrong that’s been done here, and that no further pain be inflicted towards you or anyone else. First we must forgive, since Christ forgave us by going to the cross…..which was the ultimate sacrifice for all of our sins. Nothing will ever compare to it, so forgiveness is such a small thing that God requires in order to enter into Heaven. I’m praying that God does do His work in you, and will allow this to pass as if it never, ever happened! He has greater plans for you dear, so trust and know that He knows what your destiny is; we may not understand it, but that’s why we leave it ALL for Him to work out…..that’s what He does! My blessings to you, and stay in His word daily; you’re blood bought so walk in it, and show everyone that God will have the last say here!

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