65 thoughts on “Prayer for a loved one that hurts you

  1. I need some prayers out there as much as yall can pray for me and my family to start and for this anger and hurt thats burdening my heart and poisoning my thoughts while dimming my spirits light for this hatefulness I have for the hateful hurtful ways of my mother, I don’t understand what I’ve done to her other than do my best to help her and take care of her in anyways I can! Even with her hateful hurtful words hitting my heart like daggers to my very core! I know somewhere inside her there once was love for me this is why I’m asking for help and prayer for this evil thing that has stolen my love from my mama and starting at too my mama help heal her and I so we can beam our old and new found love for not only one another but for my children and when they have theirs as well as all the people that we love and come into contact! Bless us all with God’s never ending love ! Thanks for all ur prayers with love from me n mine sincerely a forgiven child of God shawna marie!

    • Dear Shawna… How hard it must be for you! There’s nothing more painful than being hurt by a loved one. You are on the right track by seeking God and building on your identity… you are a child of God! From there you will gain understanding and strength… from your rest in the Lord. Only he can fully understand your hurt. He takes it all with you and for you.

      I will be praying for you Shawna, your mom, and your family every day!

  2. I need you help Father God!!! I call out to you.My heart is broken, I promised not to love again, and I fell. I quit my job, and I think about taking my life. My two brothers committed suicide. I want to be at peace. I know God loves me, but I can’t feel Him.I know Him but I can’t seem to find Him. I reach out to Him but have lost faith. Heal my broken heart, my spirit is weak, my mind is confused and my soul is sad.

    • Oh dear Helen… I’m so sorry about how you are feeling and what has happened. You are hurting so much right now. But please, please, please don’t give up. Just you reaching out to God is a good sign. Please, dear Helen. Do not give up on yourself. Your life is worth it! You are worth it!

      Reach out and talk to someone about how you are feeling.
      Stay connected with us here. We will help you.

      I will be praying for you!

    • I feel for you as I am walking in your shoes….and I understand the utter despair. Family and people I thought were my friends have been so cruel….and I swear to God, I didn’t do anything to deserve this. I have always been to support the people I know. I was never able to offer monies as I was always struggling to make ends meet but I shared what I could and always was there for moral support.
      I am praying for both of us….and anyone else who is broken like us.

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