Of course Jesus had peace, He didn’t have kids…

Of course Jesus had peace, he didn't have kids

How would Jesus handle this?

Picture this. My wife and I and our kids skipping, yes skipping, hand in hand singing hymns on our way to church. Can you believe it? Okay, this is not even close to our reality. But is that good or bad?

Of all the aspects of our spiritual walk, the most confounding is our children’s faith or the lack of it. Only our own faith matters more to us.

baby-215303_1280Sure, anyone can be full of grace when they don’t have sick and screaming kids hanging on them. Healing leprosy is child’s play compared to navigating the hormonal battle field of a 15 year old. Sometimes I wish Jesus had kids, and that his example as a parent found its way into the Bible. Wouldn’t that be great?

  • When his kid threweth a temper tantrum, the Son of Man dealteth with it in this manner…
  • When his pre-teen suffereth anguish, the Nazarene thusly handled it…
  • When his adolescent experimenteth with alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, the opposite sex, dangerous behavior, etc… God’s Son spoketh thusly…

When the kids are very young, it is wonderful. You sing and pray with them, and they are content. Some are blessed with a special grace, and they merge peacefully into the Christian walk. But many rebel — just like their parents did. Or worse, they comply just to please you and not God.

Some of the most powerful temptations appear when it comes to our kids’ relationship with Christ. There is a strong desire to control the outcome. Or maybe apathy appears disguised as false humility. Perhaps we don’t want them to suffer the trials of the Christian walk (ouch). We want so dearly for it to turn out all right, yet it is so completely out of our control. We are neither the owners nor the givers of God’s grace.

As difficult as it may be, I know when my children reject, or appear to reject, the faith that I have to let it go. My Isaac must be placed upon the altar in adoration. My example must suffice. Then, when they discover Jesus on their own, it will be all theirs and not some distorted by-product of my will.

So we don’t have “Jesus the parent”, but we do have a fatherly example. A Father who gave us his most prized possession. A Father who gave us everything, and we are his children. How infinitely patient he was with me. How merciful and tender was his healing grace. He always had time for me and he always was there. I never even came close to the limit of his forgiveness even though I tried. And in this interplay of being God’s child and being a parent, I discover little by little the answers. He answers all my questions and quiets all my fears.

Safe in my Father's arms

Safe in my Father’s arms

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9 thoughts on “Of course Jesus had peace, He didn’t have kids…

  1. I need prayer about my relationship with someone I truly love. A lot of toxic things have transpired, I just need God to step in to make our relationship right. I want my partner and I to work it out .

  2. Of course parenting comes easier for some..God knows, I dont fit that Bill ..I totally adore my sons..everyone who I’ve ever known know they are my most important
    People…I was divorced, even though I got custody, I had a emotional breakdown an their father took them until I got back on my feet…he never gave them back…I worked hard an opened up a small business. Too much damage had been done..my oldest never recovered…OUR pain has bounced back an fourth…my heart will never be the same!!! We seem only to hurt one another…I’ve begged for God to intervien…my son is 50 and still we love each other but can’t find a bridge…pray for us…I’m so sad and cry every morning ..I want to help him, but he does something
    Unkind to hurt me again …I strike back in defense…horrible way for him an me…stress will stop my heart someday..guilt…

    • Praying for you and your family Marilyn. May the Lord bring mercy, healing and forgiveness. May he change and free your hearts. In Jesus name, Amen.

  3. Vincent, I agree, parenting is challenging and humbling. Tom, like you, I have a large family- six children. My oldest is 31 and my youngest 17. My strength as a parent has come from trusting not just God but also the hearts of my children… Believing in them and knowing that who they are God created, not me, and that however their life journey looks, I accept and love them. It has worked with my group beautifully. The challenges have been great, but Love is always more than enough. I wish you both well as you continue to parent your children.

  4. I am working on learning this truth. I have 7 children and am having to learn to let go and let God make the real changes in thei life. Thanks for sharing

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