Prayer for dealing with narcissists

Relationships with narcissists can be extremely draining. The influence the enemy has on these people is tremendous. Seek our living God for help and protection. Don’t deal with it on your own. Talk to someone. Reach out. Place all your trust in Christ since true victory comes only through faith.

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Prayer for dealing with narcissists

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Therefore, I urge you, brothers and sisters, in view of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God—this is your true and proper worship. Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.

Romans 12:1-2

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20 thoughts on “Prayer for dealing with narcissists

  1. I pray for my relationship I think I been dealing with a narcissist his action is horrible!!! I pray that he can see in his heart the damage he has done to this relationship he has no love empathy he lie cheat he so mean!!! please help me to pray for him

    • O blessed Lord… give Cheryl guidance and wisdom…. fill her with your Holy Spirit… bring healing and freedom to her relationship… guide Cheryl to be able to serve her relationship with loyalty… may the Spirit show her where she must be in all things… if she must leave the relationship, show her the way… if she stays, may your grace and Spirit make a lasting change… in all things, may Cheryl seek and trust in you, O loving Lord… in Jesus name, Amen.

  2. My prayer request is that my narcissistic boyfriend and I break up I am miserable and I do not want to be in a relationship with him anymore please pray for me I want him out my life

  3. Prayer Points against Narcissism

    By Shaila Touchton

    Our Father in Heaven, in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ we approach the throne of Grace and mercy and we ask you to forgive us of our known and unknown sins which we have committed against you and others.

    Heavenly Father in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ, By the Fire of God, by the blood of Jesus Christ and by the Power of The Holy Spirit of God I bind Every spirit of

    1.Insanity demons and 2. Every evil spirit of word twisting demons, in ———–

    3.Every evil spirit of lying, familiar spirits,marine spirits,spirits of rebellion and disobedience, spirits of Jezebel and ahab, and every evil spirit of blame shifting

    3. Every evil Spirit of condemnation and False accusation

    4. Every evil spirit of chaos and confusions

    5. Every evil spirit of selfishness and pride

    6.Every spirit of control and manipulations

    7. Every Evil spirit of exaggeration and self-glorifications

    8. Every Evil spirit of insecurity and abusing behaviors

    9. Every evil spirit of rage and angry

    10. Every evil spirit of violence and arrogancy

    11. Every evil spirit of hiding demons and boredom

    12. Every evil spirit of demon of false judgment and spirit of rejection

    13. Every evil demon of evil addiction and attention

    14. Every evil Spirit of lustful demons and Demons of Perversion

    15. Every evil spirit of mockery and foul mouth Demons

    16. Every demonic spirit of Schizophrenia and Depression

    17. Every evil Spirit of Suicide, Bipolar mental disorders

    18. Every evil spirit of demons of ADD and Adhd,every spirit of negativity

    19. Every demonic spirit of cursing thoughts and evil imaginations

    20. Every Evil Soul-Ties and every evil spirit of Hexes and Vexes

    21. Every evil Spirits of Demonic Attacks, spirit of revenge, spirit of disobedience, Witchcraft, Voodoo and Black Magic

    22. Every Evil Spirits of Rage, Anger, Hatred

    23. Every evil spirits of Car Accidents and Road Rage

    24. Every evil Spirits of Infirmity, Sickness and Pain.

    25. Every Evil Spirit of Curses of Rejection and Abandonment

    26. Every Spirit of Demonic Sexual Soul-Ties with Pornography

    27. Every Evil Soul-Ties with Religious Idols, religious slavery and Every Spirit of Ancestral hereditary demons

    28. Every Spirit of Evil Soul-Ties with Alcohol and strange woman

    29 Every Evil Soul-Ties with False gods and religious Demons

    30.Every Evil Soul ties with the dead and Ungodly Souls

    31. Every evil Spirit of bondage, spells and strong holds to anything in anyform.

    32. Every Demon of Mental and emotional torture and tormentations

    33.Every Spirit of disappointments, laziness, doubt, insincerely, unreliability, unstable and unfaithfulness

    34. Every demon of Psychotic behavior, every religious and pharisee spirits, self-centeredness, and Schizophrenia

    35.Every evil Spirit of Pathological lies, Disordered Emotions, Anxiety

    36. Every demonic spirit of verbal, physical, mental or sexual abuse

    37.Every demonic spirit death and destructions

    38. Every evil Spirit of inferiority, cruelty and sexual sins

    39.Every demonic spirit of sadism, every hereditary curses and sickness self-pity, hyperactiveness, torment, disbelief, greed, uncontrolled talk, quarrel and arguing

    40. Every spirit of deceit, gossip, backbiting, jealousy, irritability, criticism and harlotry

    41. Every demonic spirit of avoidance, talking excessively, evil communication, every demonic phone contacts and every dumb and deaf spirits

    41.Every demon’s spirit of unforgiveness, root of cancer and bitterness, every demonic spirit of malice and corruption

    42. Every harassing evil demons, every demons of terrorizing and victimizing. By the Authority of Jesus Christ, I command you all evil spirits, Satan and you demons to go directly to Jesus, without manifestation and without harming ——- and me or anyone in my family line in Jesus Holy Name. Amen

    And you all evil spirits, legions of demons I place you under the feet of Jesus Christ. I command you never to return to ….. and any of us in our family or our family line.

    **Let the blood of Jesus wash away every witchcraft identification mark on …….. .Every Satanic powers, Every spirit of mental disturbance, Every wicked power, every strange power attacking ….. with madness, Every demonic Spirits behind ………s Narcissism and Abuse, Every arrow of insanity, every voice of madness, every occult powers, Every inherited curse and every generational curses working against …… be destroyed at it roots By the Fire of God, by the blood of Jesus Christ and by the Power of The Holy Spirit in the Powerful Name of Jesus Christ. Every stronghold or strong bondages of Evil Spirits in ………. be destroyed, By the Fire of God, by the blood of Jesus Christ and by the Power of The Holy Spirit in the Powerful Name of Jesus Christ.

    **Satan, I BIND you, in the name of Jesus. You can no longer exercise dominion over …….. In the name of Jesus, upon …..

    s mind I LOOSE spiritual knowledge, revelation, insight, understanding, wisdom, truth, discernment, diligent searching, freedom, love, love of God , our love for each other,peace,sound mind , compassion, faithfulness and permanent deliverance and healing. . I ask You to send Your holy angels Archangel Michael, Gabriel and other angels to fight the battles for……. to guard and protect him from all dangers and wash him with the precious blood of Jesus Christ. In the name of Jesus Christ, I forbid and BLOCK all Satanic and demonic activities in ………and transferring from him to me or to any of my family members, or into our lives by the power of the Blood of Jesus Christ. AMen

    All these evil spirits, demons Manifesting in …….. I bind them with the blood of Jesus Christ, I declare they will have no authority over ……… right now and I loose the fruits of the Holy Spirit love, joy, peace, love, compassion, kindness, understanding, gentleness, faith, patience, self-control in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

    I break the transmission of any and all satanic vows, spiritual bondage and slavery, evil soul ties and demonic works over ……..and us . I break every evil authority, every curse of untimely death, every covenant of marital failure in Jesus Mighty Name and by the power of the blood of Jesus Christ.Amen.

  4. Praying for God to change the other person would be selfish. When we pray in His will, He changes US. Didn’t David ask God to renew a right spirit within him?

    • Hi Barry… Yes, you are right. We should avoid selfishly motivated prayer. Praying others to change — within God’s will and perfect plan — is a good thing to do. For example, we might pray for someone to be free of addictions, according to God’s will and plan. We are not in control… God is… but we can ask with faith.

      “Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened.” Matthew 7:7-8

      God’s grace and blessings to you!

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