7 thoughts on “Prayer for forgiveness

  1. This prayer is very helpful. This will be a blessing to many people that are looking for prayers like this. All of the prayers that are
    Posted on Pinterest are excellent! What a
    Blessing to have this app to go to.
    What a great way to seek Gods word!
    This is something to be very Thankful,
    Grateful, & Blessed to have. May The Lord
    Continue to Bless all of us, including
    Friends, Family, and all the people that
    Continue to really enjoy!😃Great encouragement, and bible verses
    On anything that is desired to be found.
    As The Lord says “Seek and you shall find”
    Creating new boards w/ unique names
    Is fun! Also I have to say that my boards
    Are open for others that choose to follow.
    I just say, Welcome😊 Happy pinning😃
    I share😇 Thank you for stopping by😊
    Come back again😀 See you soon😃
    Have a Blessed day.


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