9 thoughts on “Prayer for forgiveness

  1. I need to be forgiven by my lord for all my sins reading this tonight has helped me so much thank you may god be with you always

  2. This prayer is very helpful. This will be a blessing to many people that are looking for prayers like this. All of the prayers that are
    Posted on Pinterest are excellent! What a
    Blessing to have this app to go to.
    What a great way to seek Gods word!
    This is something to be very Thankful,
    Grateful, & Blessed to have. May The Lord
    Continue to Bless all of us, including
    Friends, Family, and all the people that
    Continue to really enjoy!😃Great encouragement, and bible verses
    On anything that is desired to be found.
    As The Lord says “Seek and you shall find”
    Creating new boards w/ unique names
    Is fun! Also I have to say that my boards
    Are open for others that choose to follow.
    I just say, Welcome😊 Happy pinning😃
    I share😇 Thank you for stopping by😊
    Come back again😀 See you soon😃
    Have a Blessed day.


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