96 thoughts on “Prayer for when you feel you can’t go on

  1. Dear Lord our God I am in despair I am waiting for appointment with doctor over my medication. I feel so sad I have tried everything I know to get my life back to the old me. I can say dear god my heart is totally broken. I am not the person I used to be.I am stuck in a mind set and I cant recover. I have had a bad day today. Dear God I am asking you to help me cure me I cant carry on my life like this much longer. I have drove my poor husband mad over theses last 2 yrs and 5mths. Please god I am in despair. Please god hear my prayers.Help all suffering with this cruel illness.Amen

    • Hear Gillian’s cry, O Lord… send your Spirit to Gillian to bring deep healing and peace… let her trust in you mercy, O Lord… may your grace change all things for her… set the captives free… restore this beloved child of yours… in Jesus name, Amen.

  2. Dear Jesus I beg you to help us to overcome all our fears and be strong Jesus you are the only one that can save us from fear and protect and heal us from all harm. Dear I love you above all things. Please hear and answer prayers. Forgive us all our sins.Amen

  3. Dear Lord Jesus Christ I am asking you to hear and listern to my prayers. I am asking you to cure and heal our son Dominic he is still recovering nine yrs on.On rwo crutches I beg you to hear our prayers help him get sone of his life back. As his mum the stress worry and heart break has taken its toll on my mental and physical health.I ask you with my broken heart for my son to hear our prayers. I beg you with every bit of my being to please have mercy on us. I ask you lord to get back to full mental and physical hralth so we can go over end of this yr.He really does need us to go over this. Yr.Dear Lord please have mercy on us we have had so much heart break for our son over theses yrs.I will be for ever in your debt for as long as I Iive. Dear Lord help me face this and get my life Back and all the people praying to you for health and personal problems with there lives no matter what it may be.Scared Hart of Jesues we place all our hope faith and trust in you.Amen

  4. Dear Lord our god praý for chloe and the people asking for prayers for mind or body physical mental. Desr lord here all our prayers.Thank you lord for a nice day today for my birthday. Please lord make strong and face and overcome my fear. Forgive us all our sins. Have mercy on us all.Amen Gillian

    • Happy Birthday Gillian!

      O merciful Lord… pour out your blessings and your peace over Gillian… send her your mighty Spirit to guide her and protect her… bring deep healing to her wounds, give her clarity and wisdom in her thoughts… establish your order in Gillian’s life, O Lord… let her rest in knowing she is your daughter, a child of the King… lift up this child of yours to restoration in the love of Christ… in Jesus name I pray, Amen.

      I thank the Lord for your life and soul. God bless you!

  5. Dear Lord our God I am asking you to help.me find some help with my recover I have tried many different medications and some different treatments. Please dear Lord our God help me find the right person or medication to help me recover and get my life back and get back to the person I used to be. I ask you with all my heart and soul to
    heal my troubled mind thoughts and feelings. Please god heal my mind give peace back in my life.I promise I will never take it for granted. I will always be forever grateful. Please lord dont what more I can do to recover. Please hear our prayers.Amen

  6. Dear Lord Our God, Please protect and guide Dominic please let him walk again help him to walk with a stick he has been on 2 cruthes 9 yrs now take away his suffering. Please help all.my friends that are ill physically and mental. Heal all support and have mercy on them give them back full health.Please help me get back to full health of mind and body please calm my mind help recover and get off the medication and live a normal life again. I ask you to help get well to go and see my son Dominic at the end of this yr.I beg have mercy on us all.Amen

    • Amen. Supporting your prayers with mine right now Gillian… for you, Dominic, your entire family and loved ones…

      Pour out your mercy in abundance, O Lord… hear Gillian’s cry… send your mighty Spirit… pour out your peace…

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