96 thoughts on “Prayer for when you feel you can’t go on

  1. Dear Lord our God help all suffering from mental and physical illness give us all peace calm help and full health mental calm our troubled mind thoughts irrational thoughts and feelings Give us the strength willpower hope faith and full health of mind and body. Give us all our lifes back help us to learn how to face and overcome all the fears and cure and calm us return us back to full health we be you. Here us have mercy on us all.Amen

  2. Please Lord Jesus Christ I ask you with all my heart and soul to help me start to improve and feel better and stronger. Heal my nerves mind and body I was hoping I would have started to feel more myself after 2 and half yrs. Please lord there isnt anything I havent tried. I as to help me start to get better. It is my birthday in an other wk. I just want my old self back. I sometimes feel like I cant carry on like this much longer. Dear Lord hear my prayers I ask you with all my heart and soul.Lord graciously hear us.Amen

  3. Dear Lord our God Please hear our prayers help all of us suffering from mental and physical health. Problems. Pleaese hear our crys for help peace calm and peace of mind and body. Forgive us all our faults failings anything we have said or done to upset anyone our lives. Please dear Lord hear us help us please answer all our prayer. Help all suffering in any way.Amen

  4. Dear Vincent thank you so much ch for your prayers support and kindness may god bless you in everything you do god bless and guide you with full health Thank from the bottom of my heart take care Kind Regards Gillian

    • Thank you so much Gillian. I am praying for you, Dominic and the entire family. I pray for your healing, peace and strength. And thank you for the blessing… I need it! God’s grace and blessings to you.

  5. Dear Lord our God I went to the doctors yesterday to see if she would help me with my anxiety and depression she just told me to start yoga and ti chi so I am asking and begging you lord to help me to keep fighting and help me get the strength to get better. Please help all suffering in mind or body mental or physical I ask you to hear us and have mercy on us all forgive us all our sins.Amen

  6. Dear Lord our God you can see me to night I am feeling anxious and fearful please Lord help me show me how to face and overcome the over whelming thoughts and feelings. I promise to be the best person I can be for the rest of my days. I feel I cant carry like this lord. There are so many people out there suffering please them all. Please god cure me so I can travel over to see my son Dominic havent seen him for 3 yrs. I Beg U Hear me help me I beg.Amen

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