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Get free from the root causes of toxic anger

Get free from the root causes of toxic angerEverybody gets angry once in a while. It’s a normal part of human expression. Still, if you can’t manage your anger, then something else is going on.  How can you find out what it is?

Do I have a problem?

It’s one thing to lose your temper once in awhile, but toxic anger is different. Do any of these statements describe you?

  • I feel out of control with my anger.
  • I dwell on hurting (“getting back at”) others  or myself when I’m angry.
  • After an outburst, I feel ashamed or guilty.
  • People tell me that my anger is a problem or that it scares them.
  • I hit or push people or break things when I’m angry.
  • I’m sarcastic or mean with my speech.
  • I “fly off the handle” easily, even about small things.
  • When I drink, I get aggressive.

Nobody wants to feel or do these things. You don’t want to either. It’s time to break free. It’s not easy, but you can do it. Begin to trust.

What do psychologists say causes anger?

Stress, money problems, abuse, social or family conflicts, and being too busy can all influence anger. Also, if you were raised in a home where there was a lot of anger, you might have been affected. Or maybe you were humiliated or ignored as a child. Genetics could play a role as well. For example, your serotonin levels may have something to do with how  you deal with frustration.

Look for core triggers

If you don’t get enough sleep or you skip meals, this could make your temper worse. Like anxiety triggers, many things can increase anger. If you look carefully, you can identify root causes of anger. And that’s where true healing begins.

With an open heart, ask yourself if any of these statements describe you:

  • I have a poor self image and feel like I deserve punishment.
  • I have a strong desire to control others.
  • Since I feel small, I want to be powerful.
  • Unjust or unfair situations make me see red.

Think about situations or conversations that really make you mad. Look for a pattern. What things seem to repeat themselves over and over again?

Identify the wound

As you go through this process, spend time in prayer. Ask God to help you see where anger is affecting you and those around you. Let the Holy Spirit open your mind and heart to identify anger patterns. Eventually, you will discover an unhealed wound, and this is the root of most of your anger.

If you have a cut or bruise and someone pokes it, you react. Anger is the same. Somewhere in the past you were hurt or humiliated, and the wound remains open. There’s a good chance you already know what it is. If not, reflect and pray. God will eventually reveal it to you.

Understand yourself

This entire process lets you get to know yourself better. Don’t look for your perfect self. Look for your real self. When you see yourself and your past in the light of truth, you can begin to heal.

Ask Jesus to pour out his healing mercy over something specific. This kind of prayer is much more effective than asking to take your anger away in general.


The most radical thing a Christian can do is forgive. You may have been hurt and wronged. It might have been terribly unfair. Still, if you let this pain go untreated, it only continues to hurt you and others around you. Think about how much you don’t want this to happen.

This isn’t meant to deny your pain or make excuses, but resentment is poison to your soul. If you can’t find a way to forgive right now, ask God to show you how. Sometimes it starts by asking for forgiveness for yourself.

Take your time

Don’t feel rushed or hurried in this process, but don’t lose your focus either. This could be the most important thing you do in your life. People get impatient when they don”t see fast results. No matter what, deep healing takes time.

In the process you will get closer to God. He heals your heart. And you build a Kingdom of love all around you. You begin to apologize and get closer others. Is this worth it? Yes!

Put in the effort. Take the time. You can do it. Trust that God will help you, and your faith will set you free.

Henrietta’s story

When Henrietta’s mother was pregnant, she tried to hide the fact since she wasn’t married yet. Henrietta ended up with a birth certificate that showed a later date than her true birthday. As an adult, Henrietta got married and had three kids. Her husband was unfaithful, and their marriage went through several years of turmoil before ending in divorce.

Whenever the issue of women’s rights came up, Henrietta would get furious. Her personality would change, and it became impossible to talk to her.

It’s not that women’s right are not important, but Henrietta’s exaggerated anger was based on core wounds from the past. Hiding a pregnancy and infidelity caused pain. The solution is to find out how to let go and forgive those who caused the pain. Also, identify her own part in the failed marriage and forgive herself.

Mildred’s story

Mildred lived a hard life of severe humiliation and abuse from her mother-in-law. An only child, Mildred also had a sister who died when they were children. Mildred had abortions out of fear of the reaction of her mother-in-law. Later, Mildred had a large family and many grandchildren. When Mildred prayed, she prayed for God to punish her.

When an issue about her children came up, or a criticism about one of her daughters-in-law, Mildred became extremely violent even swearing and shouting. Any apparent injustice sent Mildred into a rage.

The answer for Mildred is to go back and forgive her mother-in-law and heal from the wound of her lost sister. Also, she needs to find a way to forgive herself for the abortions. This process will be tough, but it will bring tremendous blessings.

Stan’s story

Stan grew up with an alcoholic father who was physically abusive. Later in life, whenever Stan felt like someone made fun of him or put him down, he lashed out. He got into many physical confrontations with friends, family and even strangers. Always with a chip on his shoulder, Stan resolved conflicts with shouting, threats and his fists.  After each fight, he felt terrible about himself. He even spent some time in jail.

Solution: Stan will heal when he forgives his father and himself. Then he will have a peaceful heart.

Needs a miracle

In cases like these, sometimes only a miracle can take away the pain and anger. Do you believe in the miracle of the Resurrection? Can we put limits on God’s love?

Remember, God gave his Son for you. But wait — don’t skip over this truth. Meditate about this. Think about what the death of Christ on the cross really means to you personally. Let the Spirit begin to soften your heart so God’s healing love can enter.

Begin to believe that things can and will change. Don’t get trapped into saying, “That’s just how I am.” This is not true at all. You CAN change. You CAN be better. You CAN have peace and joy.

Wounds are  hard to understand and even harder to accept. When you begin to trust in the miracle of Christ — and his power to free and heal — then a miracle can happen in your life. You are loved beyond measure. Don’t be afraid! Be free!

There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear…

1 John 4:18a

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Third Millennium Man

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THIRD MILLENNIUM MAN – For the gifts and the call of God are irrevocable. 

We’re thrilled to announce the release of a new website for Christian men of all denominations. It’s a place to help us understand the challenges we face as men of God in modern times.

Get articles like these…

Focus lensHow to find focus in everything you do
Having trouble keeping things in order? All too common, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Get back on track.

Guy with whatever t shirtYou okay with this?
Take a sober look at our world. Fully grasp the urgent need to react.

coast guard drug bustLessons we can learn from the Mafia
Organized crime success can teach us a lot… even about ourselves. Yes, you should be afraid.

Man looking over mountainsWhat does it take to be man of your house?
A clear explanation about the vision you need to meet any challenge. What does it take to be king?


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  1. New issue of Strength in the Storm about relationships
  2. A website dedicated to men seeking to dive deeper into their faith. It’s for those who have the fire of the Spirit burning in their hearts.

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Behind the scenes

Ever wonder what goes on at the back office at Prayer for Anxiety? Well, here’s an exclusive look!

Profile image of authorI thought it might be time to give readers a tiny glimpse at my personal life as the creator of this site. Since some of you have contacted me, and many have been praying for me, I felt like sharing a bit of my story.

Right now, I live in Martinez (a city-suburb of Buenos Aires, Argentina) with my wife Sofia and our five sons. I’m originally from Pittsburgh, PA. It’s been a long journey, but God has been kind and faithful to us.

Rooftops of Martinez

Rooftops of Martinez

We relocated here in 2004. Right now I work as a writer, and this website is where my writer’s heart finds its joy — in serving Christ.

Another place I serve is in a prison Bible study ministry. Every week, we bring the Word of God to nearly 240 inmates. Each time I exit the prison I come away greatly blessed by the men who have been transformed by the Bread of Life.


Prison Bible

Holy Bible – Free In Jesus

Argentina has a rich history marked by periods of difficulty. The people have a huge sense of hospitality. A large part of their heritage comes from life on ranches and farms.

Traditional gaucho culture

I write all the articles and prayers on this site. My work will continue as long as God finds it useful. I even get feedback and prayer requests from as far away as Ghana.

Lake Volta in Ghana

Thanks for being interested in my story. You can email me at I’d love to hear from you!

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Love responds to love

Walk with him.

Walk with him.

SOME might say that being a Christian is the easy way out. What could be easier? All your mistakes are taken care of and all your sins forgiven. Who wouldn’t accept this? One mistake that even Christians make is to minimize the importance and impact of this.

Sure, it might seem like the easy way out from our point of view, but for God it was not easy. It wasn’t easy for him to offer his innocent son. It wasn’t easy for the heavenly Father to see his beloved and obedient child take the blame for all the wickedness found in the world.

So why did he do it?

The answer is God’s great love. He wants you to be free. He wants you to be able to live your life in a healthy way, free of the chains of your past. This also frees you to give a new inheritance to your children if you are (or will be) a parent. This inheritance is the promise found in forgiveness through love. Explanations can only help so much. But God’s great love heals you in the most profound way possible.

So go. Live your life. God loves you and lets you.

How are we to react to this great gift of freedom? Do we just go around doing whatever we feel like doing? That’s an option some may consider after discovering Jesus, but it cuts short your spiritual walk.

In modern language, when we love someone very much we often say that we “adore” them. When you fully understand God’s great gift to you, loving adoration naturally springs forth from you soul. It’s spirit answering Spirit; love responding to love.

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The Blessing Of Freedom

Jump for joy!

Jump for joy!

What do you think about when you think of freedom? Do you think it means doing as you please? The true meaning of freedom is being free from something.

Fear Not

When we do wrong, we fall under the condemnation and the power of our wrongdoing. We are condemned since the wages of sin are death (Romans 6:23). This means that sin brings a state of spiritual death to us. We really don’t need the Bible to tell us this do we? Whenever we do something wrong, we know it and we don’t like it. Many times we condemn ourselves for our mistakes in a way much harsher than anyone else would.

This condemnation generates something terrible in us: fear. One of the phrases most repeated by Jesus was, “Fear not!”

Freedom from fear is a great blessing. Fear is the root of so much illness in the world, such as mental health problems. Fear can lead to anxiety, depression, heart disease and a whole host of other medical disorders. But when we live fearlessly, we are free to be healed by God. It all has to do with the concept of justice.

Perfect Justice, Perfect Mercy

We have a funny way of thinking about justice, because in many ways we want an unjust god. We want a god that will say, “There, there, your mistakes are not such a big deal. Nothing to see here, now. Run along.” That way we slip into heaven like a teenager sneaking into the back door of a movie theater.

But when it comes to justice here on earth, we want perfection. We expect criminal acts to be dealt with by the justice system. The reality is that God’s justice is even more severe. His demand for perfection sits much higher than we can possibly imagine. God condemns sin with the utmost severity as sin cannot exist in his presence.

But when Jesus gave up his life for you, he removed all condemnation. Instead of falling upon us, the punishment fell upon the Son of God. This is one of the hardest things to accept and understand. Ironically, rejection of this truth is often rooted in another form of slavery: pride. We are so proud sometimes that we don’t even want to give up our mistakes.

The humiliation of God’s Son established perfect justice. How? Because perfect justice of God requires perfect payment. This could only be achieved by the perfect sacrifice. Jesus, completely innocent, was the only one that could fill that role. He became sin and was put to death for our sake. For your sake.

You Are Free

Even though the torture and humiliation of Christ’s persecution, trial and crucifixion were painful, it was nothing compared to the spiritual pain that was felt by God the Father and Jesus at that moment.

What does this mean?

It means that you are free. It means that your soul is saved from spiritual death. It also means that you are free from the power or influence of sin. You’re no longer a slave. You no longer have to live in fear.

Does this mean that you’ll never make mistakes again? Of course not. But when you’re a slave, you have no other option but slavery. I recall when I was under the influence of alcohol and drugs, I had no choice. I ran to these things because I loved them, or at least that’s what Satan wanted me to believe. But the Spirit of God freed me from this power. I may struggle with other things, but I’m no longer a slave. A slave has no choice, but a free person can resist and fight.

It’s A Process

Remember, the full blessings of freedom don’t come all at once. Think of it like a multi-lane highway. In some lanes, you zip along smoothly while in other places cars barely crawl forward. But bit by bit, God’s hand helps you remove the traffic jams. Your prayer life helps monitor your progress. When you faithfully seek God’s presence, he shows you how to get to a point where your freedom flows uniformly, like a river. Be patient with yourself during this process, and be confident that you are maturing.

True Righteousness 

Be completely free of excessive worry and anger. Be liberated from arrogance, pride, vanity or jealousy. Escape from impatience or a desire for vengeance. Break away from laziness or a distorted self-image. All these things lead to spiritual death, while freedom in Christ lets you soar on wings like an eagle (Isaiah 40:31).

So ask God frequently to set you free from the chains that tie you down.

This freedom, born of the Spirit of God, allows you to resist all the negativity and evil in the world and say, “Enough! I do not believe in a world that tries to sell me isolation and despair. Instead I believe in a great King who lives and is seated at God’s right hand. I believe in a heavenly King who brings a new righteousness to my heart. Not a righteousness of power and control, but the righteousness of love.”

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From Victim to Victorious

From victim to victorious

Everyone has been wounded at one time or another. In the most serious cases, these experiences affect every aspect of our lives – especially personal relationships. Some may end up suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) requiring years or even a lifetime of treatment. How do you cope with your deepest wounds? Should you take medication? Let’s find out more.

Take meds or not?

Today’s mental health sciences have come a long way in the treatment of PTSD, depression, and anxiety. Perhaps the greatest advances have been in the removal of the stigma surrounding these problems. These are true medical issues, and no one should ever feel ashamed about them. Instead it’s important to get help. In some cases, physiological counseling and medications are a necessary part of recovery.

One mistake people make, however, is believing that pills contain some kind of magic power. If you need medication, take it as prescribed, but be realistic about the limitations of science. Never forget that the deepest healing comes from God’s love and mercy. This is where you should place your trust.

Don’t make them weapons

It’s very common for us to weaponize our wounds. We lash out and hurt others and ourselves. Seek to recognize when this happens, and ask God to free you from this behavior. When you stop causing new pain due to past wounds, you can then start the healing process.

One common way we hurt ourselves and others is by shutting out the world. This happens since you’re afraid to get hurt again. Nobody wants to feel pain, that’s for sure. But instead of closing in, let your wounds be the doorway where God enters your heart. This can be scary and complicated, so it might help to have a spiritual guide accompany you.

This process doesn’t mean you shouldn’t protect yourself, but your heart doesn’t have to be imprisoned either. Instead, God will give you a strong heart that can feel, give, and love again.

From victim to victorious

Those who have been wounded deeply are truly victims. You didn’t ask for suffering. Still, sometimes we fall into the trap of labeling ourselves as a victim above everything else. This is exactly how Satan wants you to think – that you are helpless and hopeless. Don’t believe this lie.

Look to Jesus to transform you from victim to victorious. How? Regain your dignity through the healing mercy of God. Your victory rests in saying:

“Yes. I was hurt. I was wounded seriously. But that was not the final chapter in my life. God lifted me up again. He healed me, gave me strength, and now I move forward. God gave me meaning because I know for sure he loves me. He showed me this by forgiving me and giving me his Son. Jesus knows how much I suffered, since he suffered too. But Christ rose up again, and I did too.

I am God’s child. Nothing and nobody can ever, ever take that away from me.”

God’s Economy

The victory doesn’t stop there. You see, in God’s economy, nothing is wasted. The wounded and broken become transformed into agents of healing and grace. Many times, only a person who has suffered can help others who suffer from the same wounds.

As you are healed, you become the hands, voice, and heart of Christ that heals others. Your life transforms into a celebration where angels sing praises about how the love of God gave you your life back again.

Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves receive from God.

2 Corinthians 1:3-4

This post is dedicated to my friend Jan and her brother Daniel. God bless you! – Vince

A prayer for the broken
A prayer for when you feel you can’t go on

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