Prayer for healing a broken relationship

When we hurt each other, it can be very hard to get close again. This prayer for healing a broken relationship can help you take the first steps towards restoration. Seek God’s presence and ask him to help you. Wait upon the Lord to change your hearts and bring life and love back to you both.

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Prayer for healing a broken relationship

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Remember, Jesus Christ is capable of healing all wounds. It all begins with building your faith. Go to God to find it.

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Dear heavenly Father,

We’ve been hurting too long. There’s too much silence, too much pain.

Won’t you help us? Won’t you heal us?

Let me let go of trying to figure things out. Let me let go of thinking who’s right or wrong.

Instead, let me feel Christ embracing us.

Let us be better with each other. Let us find a common ground where love heals all wounds. Soften my heart, oh Father. Let me follow the example of your Son who does not seek control but instead, loving sacrifice and acceptance.

This is the source of his glory – born of mercy and trust in God Almighty.

Let me trust that you can heal. Let me trust that we can change. Bring us to you. Bring us together again.

I know that by your sweet mercy, all things are possible.

In Jesus name,


44 thoughts on “Prayer for healing a broken relationship

  1. My boyfriend of over 7 years broke up with me over a month ago and I have been patient with giving him time but I am trying so hard to get him back. I am not in a good place..I’m so sick. I can’t imagine my life without him. He is the love of my life. He is my soulmate. I am lost without him

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  3. Thank you for this beautiful prayer. Please pray for my relationship. My love, Sequoia has been struggling with doubt, depression and maybe bipolar disorder. We love each other so much. He sometimes breaks down crying out of nowhere, (even when everything seems really good in our relationship) and says he sometimes thinks we’re “not a good fit” and worries a lot about the future and thinks he won’t be enough for me. I reassure him that I love him the way he is. I believe he’s being spiritually attacked again and again. He was raised atheist and his parents are both anti-Christian. I am Christian and pray for him a lot, but I need help. I love him so much, he loves me so much too. Please pray for our relationship to be strengthened and healed. I see us spending our lives happily together. I believe all things are possible with God. Thank you so much for your prayers

  4. Hi I need prayer for my broken marriage. My husband of 30 years has decided he doesn’t love me and left me almost a year ago. Divorce proceedings will happen in 60 days. I do not want divorce but he is not communicating with me, filed for divorce and doesn’t want to attempt counseling. I know the Lord is with me but I struggle with why is this happening and why God allowed this in my life.
    Thank you for prayers.

    • Oh Lord… have mercy on your child Sherrie… send your healing love… if it is your will, oh Lord, restore the marriage… according to your time and your plan… give Sherrie hope, patience and peace… pour out your mercy and your Spirit over your child. In Jesus name, Amen.

  5. I request a prayer for my relationship with Dana .she and are at a point of brokenness we just need be willing to come to understanding nither is perfect but i love her so much . Wish we could keep our family together. Please help

  6. Lord I pray that things with C and I heal. We’ve both hurt each other with our words and actions and I release our relationship to Your will to be healed. I come asking for your miracles and hand of grace to come upon us today. Please heal us immediately. In Jesus Name

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