Prayer for healing a broken relationship

When we hurt each other, it can be very hard to get close again. This prayer for healing a broken relationship can help you take the first steps towards restoration. Seek God’s presence and ask him to help you. Wait upon the Lord to change your hearts and bring life and love back to you both.

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Prayer for healing a broken relationship

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Remember, Jesus Christ is capable of healing all wounds. It all begins with building your faith. Go to God to find it.

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Dear heavenly Father,

We’ve been hurting too long. There’s too much silence, too much pain.

Won’t you help us? Won’t you heal us?

Let me let go of trying to figure things out. Let me let go of thinking who’s right or wrong.

Instead, let me feel Christ embracing us.

Let us be better with each other. Let us find a common ground where love heals all wounds. Soften my heart, oh Father. Let me follow the example of your Son who does not seek control but instead, loving sacrifice and acceptance.

This is the source of his glory – born of mercy and trust in God Almighty.

Let me trust that you can heal. Let me trust that we can change. Bring us to you. Bring us together again.

I know that by your sweet mercy, all things are possible.

In Jesus name,


44 thoughts on “Prayer for healing a broken relationship

  1. DEAR LORD, the day before yesterday I broke up with my boyfriend, in this relationship, we hurt each other deeply, I am so sorry for the wound I take to him, and I want to make up and recover this relationship, LORD help me, help us to know how to love in YOU. Father, I know you love me so much, please let holy spirit do your magical job to fix our relationship and make us back together again.
    In Jesus name. Amen.

  2. Praying has always been a part of who I am. I have not ever stopped praying. I learned to keep things to myself and in that I stopped speaking good things out loud. I do believe that there is a God. I believe in heaven and hell. I didn’t stop believing any of these things. I stopped going to church. I don’t like the idea of people going into a church and coming out feeling worse for who they are. I despise seeing others hurting, no matter what. When those closest to me hurt, I feel that pain Church can and is wherever you decide to go, God lives in us not in a building. Please pray for my relationships with my children, my family, my friends and Ryan to be healed.

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