Prayer for Victory

This Prayer for Victory can help inspire you to cry out to God when you face trials. Following Jesus doesn’t guarantee you a life without problems. But your faith in His Spirit gives you clarity, peace, strength, and grace. Fight the fight on your knees. Use God’s Word to bring down the enemy. Remember, your salvation is Christ’s greatest victory – already won on the cross and confirmed in the resurrection.

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Prayer for victory

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10 thoughts on “Prayer for Victory

  1. My husband to be is in Afghanistan could you pray for their safety they keep getting attracted by IsIs and a few got hurt this time askn fotrtheirsave return home …

  2. Seeking prayer for maself nd my daughter.was disappointed nd hurt badly.nid prayer for God to deliver us feom pain nd hurt for breakthru in ma life nd ma daughters life.

  3. Seeking prayer for myself and family two girls and im expecting. I’ve been under attacked by my own blood please help me resent negative thoughts that my businesses be restored for my mother/husband +fayher amd myself. Mt children education etc

  4. Hello;
    Please kindly stand with me in prayer for the manifestation of the open door to my breakthrough; restoration and return to my place od blessings.
    Thank you for your prayers.

  5. I’m in need of help please I’m in a unhealthy relationship and I want Out My boyfriend is on drugs really bad He’s not ready to stop every time he get money he’s off TO THE race for more until its all gone then he comes back to me to care for him then he throws up in my face about what he gives me please I’m in really need of your powerful prayers help me please Cheryl.

    • Praying for you Cheryl…
      Dear Lord… set the captives free.. send your healing and deliverance… pour out your loving Spirit… bring freedom, pour out your grace…

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