65 thoughts on “Prayer for a loved one that hurts you

  1. My husband has left me and he is continuing to have a relationship with his lover. They have laugh at my pain and humiliated me. I don’t know what to do or say but I do trust God. I know he has plans and his plans are perfect. I pray that he continues to carry me through this and shows me his will. I’m tired and weary I know I’m not perfect and I need to change.

  2. I was pleasantly surprised to find this prayer for someone that hurts you. I am being emotionally abused by my husband & i pray all the time. We’ve been married 33yrs and the abuse didnt start until 8 yrs ago. But i have grown weary & tired fighting this battle.so, i will say this prayer & try to have the little faith i’ve got left in hopes of a better day.

    • Hi Dana, I read your post, and know that I’m praying for your situation to turn around; even if you have faith the size of a mustard seed my dear, God said you can move mountains! If you love your husband, then ask in Faith that God do a work in his heart, and to change him back into the man you first loved. Remember…..the enemy is real! He wreaks havoc, and comes to steal, kill and destroy us, so don’t give up on God, and he won’t give up on you! Stand fast in your faith and keep praying for deliverance for your husband no matter what it looks like or sounds like right now……believe you have it, and God will give it to you just like that! I’m praying for you my sister in Christ…..Blessings to you!

  3. Please pray for me. I need healing. I am tired of the constant friction at work and the people I do love. Please help me by praying for me.

    • Blessings Sonia! Sometimes God will let us go thru things to get our attention; we sometimes forget who created us, and just wants to fellowship with us. God loves you, so find time to get into His word and fellowship with Him about your situation. I know this to be true, because I went thru alot at my job; and my family was just falling apart! I just made my mind up that I can’t change things for the better on my own, and I called on God (First), my Pastor and some very spiritual friends for counsel. In less than a month, my family is coming back together, even after the death of my sister and my mother, God created a brand new position for me at work that I’m being trained for right now, and lots of other changes are taking place for the better as well! Speak your prayers into existence, believe you have it already, cut the negative people, places and things out of your life; which may include your family until God cleans things up, and you will see a Harvest my dear! I sure did; also if you belong to a strong faith-based church, get your Pastor and church family involved here. Where there’s 2 or more praying for you, God is in the midst of it! I had to learn not to be too proud to ask for help from God or my church. I’m a living witness that God will not let your prayers go unanswered; but first you have to come humble to Him, and know He will help you, and turn your situation around. I’ve learned to laugh at the enemy thru the good and bad times; and I win every time! God is waiting on you, so come to Him and give Him your time daily, by learning how to put your cares on Him; His son already took it to the cross for us! Hope this helps, and you’re in my prayers……Blessings!

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