19 thoughts on “Prayer for when you feel you can’t go on

  1. I have been struggling with cancer since 1998 it keeps on coming back in different versions pray for me for healing

  2. Thank you for these prayers! Just as I need them so much, I would request prayer for Jane, she has so many burdens and no one to help her. Her depression is getting the best of her! She cannot find a job, she may become homeless…. please pray for her, and her 16 year old son, Jacob, please watch over them and bless them, in the name of Jesus, I ask this, Thank you our dear lord and savior! 🙏

  3. Pease pray for me and family.
    We’re going through a much difficult time. My husband is the only provider in our home, his job is outdoors and had slowed up and is now starting to get back up, there were days he didn’t have work and stayed home. I’m currently 17 weeks pregnant and also with an 11 month old. I have not gone to see my OB/GYN due to lack of money, I literally have $14 in my bank account as of now. Thankfully we have a roof over our heads and manage to have food. We’re in debt, our lease is ending and we have no where to go. Our landlord wants to sell their home and isn’t interested in renting it out anymore. We are literally living paycheck to paycheck. We can’t even afford to move out. I’ve lost my faith in everything but not on God. Please pray for my family, and pray that our luck change. Please pray for us.

    • Dear Jenny – Praying for you. Let God give you the strength you need to get through this. Begin to ask and trust in his generosity. Count on him and he won’t let you down. Cry out to him!


  4. I need prayers for my family. They are in turmoil do to an incident that happened two years ago between family members. It isn’t resolved and we are all suffering.

    • Dear Lila… It’s never too late! Hope lives inside you. Let God show you how. He can and will help you. Cry out to him!

      If you feel like you might want to hurt yourself, please don’t. You are a beloved child of God. If you need help you can call a number from this hotline website.

      Dear Lord, please lift up Lila. Let her know her life has value and that she is loved. Let her see that this love does not depend on people or circumstances, but on the great love that Jesus shows us. Let Lila feel the love of Christ deep in her heart in the most sacred and protected place. Pour out your mercy and grace over Lila. Help her Lord! In Jesus name, Amen.

    • Ask your gurdian angel help you and blessed virgin mary it does help hope your be ok even though I don’t no you and you don’t no me hope for the best no one can judge you only god hope you didn’t mind me commenting best of luck 😇😊😅😇

    • I feel the same way. I pray always that Jesus spare a family the tragedy of a little child being diagnosed with incurable cancer, to please spare a family of that , and give me that child’s illness to me. I’ve lived along 58 years, and want to pray to Jesus, and ask him to do this for a family. He doesn’t seem to be listening

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