Prayer for anxiety relief

How to start praying for anxiety relief

Prayer frees you and heals you.

Maybe you want to learn about prayer for anxiety, but you don’t know how to get started. You might even feel embarrassed about it. Don’t worry, this article can help guide you on how to start praying.

When should I start?

Start now! Praying is really not as hard as many people think. You can begin a life rich in prayer at any time, and it’s never too late. Try this short prayer to start. Say out loud:

“Jesus, I trust in you.”

This little prayer is very powerful and effective. You can repeat it over and over at any time when you feel anxious or worried.

Set aside time

It’s important to set aside quality time for prayer. Many people who suffer from anxiety schedule time to see a psychologist or counselor. In the same manner, try to arrange time dedicated specifically for prayer.

Start simple

Get started by setting aside 15-30 minutes for prayer once a week. It should be a time when you can be completely alone with God. Be sure to:

  • Find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed
  • Turn off your cell phone
  • Turn off all TVs and radios
  • Be away from your computer/tablet or any other Internet device

If you have a Bible, have it next to you. If you don’t have a Bible, get one.

What should I say?

There are many ways to pray, but the most important thing is that it comes from your heart. You can begin simply by talking out loud to God. He hears you! Go ahead and tell him all your thoughts and worries. Don’t worry about order or formalities, just let it all out. If you have trouble getting started you can try phrases like:

  • Dear Lord, I need you to hear me…
  • Loving Father, I need your help with my worries…
  • Jesus, please help me with...

If you feel like you have nothing to say, don’t get discouraged. In these moments of silence, Jesus often speaks to your heart. Listen to him. You can also try prayers like:

  • Jesus, please free me from…
  • Sweet Lord, please heal me of…

Do I have to kneel when I pray?

Kneeling to pray is a  gesture of humility, but it’s not required. You can try sitting in a comfortable position if you like. It’s better not to lay in bed when you first start praying since you might fall asleep. No matter what position your body is in though, God hears you.

Why the Bible?

God’s Word is life itself. In the Holy Scriptures we find all of God’s wisdom. Try to get used to reading the Bible before, during or after your prayer. Your understanding will grow as you read his Word.

The Psalms are a great place to start. These “songs” to God are in fact prayers. The Psalms can help guide your prayer, and you’ll be amazed at how you identify with what you read.

Will prayer really help me with my anxiety?

Absolutely! Medical science has proven that prayerful people are healthier and happier. However, the benefits of prayer extend far beyond what medical studies can show.

Remember, Jesus Christ paid a great price for all of us. This means that you can be in God’s presence with confidence. It doesn’t depend on being perfect or good. It depends on you knowing that you are forgiven and loved.

Try to build up gradually but steadily to spending time in prayer every day. Even on days you don’t feel like it, make the effort. Every time you seek God’s presence, his blessings and peace appear – guaranteed.

Want your life to be different? Then pray for it.

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38 thoughts on “Prayer for anxiety relief

  1. Im asking for prayers about my anxiety and depression..every time Im worrying about myself and family..Im afraid for my health..everynight I dream of those people who passed away..please help..thank you very much.. Amen

    • I am praying for you now Diana….

      Pour out your Spirit in abundance, O Lord… set the captives free… give her your protection and comfort… bring strength and peace to Diana… fill her with your holy grace… in Jesus name, Amen.

  2. Please pray for my daughter in law. She was rushed to the hospital with a brain bleed. She is only46 yrs old. Please pray that God helps her. And please pray for my grandson who is only 7. His brother is 11 and has made threats to hurt him. He is scared of Aaron. Dante is a good little boy. Aaron is jealous of him. Please pray that he doesn’t get hurt. I pray he will soon come and live with my son. Please pray for him it is affecting him every way.

    • O merciful Lord… please send your healing of body, mind and spirit to Denise’s daughter in law… may the bleeding stop and may she move quickly to recovery… may the Spirit lift up her natural defenses and healing… may the doctors work with skill, wisdom and grace… may the children be at peace… may Dante be protected and comforted… change Aaron’s heart and let him know he is loved… pour out your blessings and protection over Denise and her entire family… send them your abundant mercy, O loving Lord… in Jesus name, Amen.

      I will be praying for you and your family Denise. God’s grace to you!

  3. Im asking for prayers about my anxiety and depression..every time Im worrying about myself and family..Im afraid for my health..everynight I dream of those people who passed away..please help..thank you very much..

    • Hi Elsa,
      Many people are experiencing the same types of feelings as you. We are in complicated times, but remember, no one has complete control over their lives. We never did. Now, the news makes us worry more and more.
      Instead of focusing on news and worry, take action instead. Eat healthy, exercise, and take some vitamins. I take vitamin C and D.
      And above all else, seek the Lord faithfully. His Spirit will give you the confidence and rest you need.
      He heals your old wounds that make your anxiety and depression worse. Let him in to heal your heart.
      Ask for this and trust that God can help you.
      I will be praying for you and your family. God bless you!

  4. Please pray since I have shifted to a new residence I find my building people r not allowing us to remain in peace. There is a small portion the previous owner was using for 20 yrs now since we have purchased the flat they r all the time asking us to give on stamp paper to surrender the place. If we surrender we don’t have enough place to keep our things. We r ready to pay for the place but there is no way the secretary of the society ready to listen Please pray as I have put my life learning in buying this flat. Pray that the society agrees. I am unable to even close my eyes to sleep

    • O Lord, hear and accept Jacinta’s prayer… may your Spirit work in her and her situation… send your blessings and providence O Lord… send Jacinta your mercy and grace…

      I am praying for you Jacinta!

  5. I would like all the prayer warrior’s out there to pray that God takes my anxiety away i have been living with it for 18 years now and i always went to my Daddy when i had a problem or needed someone to pray with no matter what time it was day or 2am my Daddy would pray with me and for me… My Daddy was a true man of God.. God took him home 7 months ago and there is times i just need my Daddy to hear is voice praying with me and for me…. So just please remember me in prayer as you pray… I will be happy to pray for you… Thank you… God Bless.

      • hello I continue asking for prayer for my marriage to restore everything back together please pray for my husband Alfredo to return back home to his family please prayer for me to be strong to keep going for my kids and to take all the sadness and depression and anxiety to go away from me I want to have peace in my heart and my mind and not thinking of any negative things I know my father has everything in control and I know he will Restore everything back together so please continue having me my husband my marriage my kids and my health in your prayers thank you and god bless you all

        • Hear Lucy’s cry O Lord… restore her marriage… heal her family… give them your grace and blessings in abundance… cast out the influence of the evil one in Jesus name… renew and restore them by your loving Spirit…

          I will keep praying for you Lucy, your marriage and your family.

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