4 thoughts on “Prayer for freedom from medication for anxiety

  1. Please pray for me.
    That I can be relieved of
    taking medication for anxiety
    and for sleep. It all happened
    since the death of mother and
    all the fallout from that.

  2. Please pray for me, lower back pain. Had two injections already. Down my legs and my hip. Two bulging discs some arthritis when I felt. Chronic urinary tract infections for years constant on antibiotics. I know Jesus is the great physician I’m asking for a touch from Jesus. Come to the doctors for my back bladder I am so fearful. I hate living like this I am 70 years old. Home and Business years ago., now my brother. He is single. God bless him for supporting us. Know my husband always finds work. I just got a tow truck and the man able to from is not being honest with us. And the attorney we have. We might even wind up with this truck for nothing. Pray for my son and his wife that go to rehab everyday struggling with injectable drug. They are now on methadone with the clinic. My son wants to be healed and delivered yes. Yes he knows the Lord he was released in the Lord. Living in his in-laws which are not good. Blood of Jesus over myself ready. Pray that God will bless our business financially we have debts to pay. I pray from a place I need help I need a miracle I’m on a medicine for anxiety. I have been in bondage of fear since I was a little girl. I cry and pray to God feels like I’m losing what little faith I have, the size of a mustard seed. I don’t have total trust in the Lord like I should. My mom and dad separated when I was a little girl my dad used to go out at night before he was saved. And that I knows where the root is insecurity trusting.. I just don’t want to live like this anymore so much fear and anxiety even about my health I want to be set free by Jesus which we have not had the chance to do. We’ve helped my son out with money for 16 years since we lost the business. 2006 I bought a house for them to live in and I lived in an apartment I was bankrupt twice I had to claim bankruptcy twice. Not my husband. Everything I do I do for my heart for my family and anyone else I know it says what you reap you sow. I’m not asking for riches but I’m asking God to supply our needs and financially so we can live comfortable pay our bills put food on our table. Would you God has provided for us. Pray for my son Freddie and his wife Marcy that they can get an apartment my two granddaughters that are 15 and 19 have lived with Marcy’s sister for 7 years they want to come home to an apartment and live with their mother and father. We need a miracle! Please pray by God’s love mercy and Grace for me my son, for my husband Freddy senior he’s going to be 72 and still works he’s working hard and struggling. We’ve been stressed out for 17 years financially and living with relatives. I’m very stressed fearful and anxious. I cry out to God for healing and deliverance. I clean my heart out I confess my sins, why isn’t he answering? We have a chance to move into senior living. I feel bad leaving my brother, and yet I feel secure here. All my friends live in the senior living building. I just feel stressed and not relaxed. The doctor gave me muscle relaxers and antidepressant that attract laws I used a tranquilizer when I have to and the muscle relaxer that’s my whole problem they told me I keep everything in and not let it out. I just trying to keep peace with everybody that’s what I did when I was a little girl too see my mom and dad heart you have to try to make my mom happy. So I know where the root comes from with my dad going out at night before I got saved. I sat up and watched over my sister and my mom fearing if something happened. I guess that’s why it’s hard for me to put my trust in the Lord. I know the root of it and that’s where it comes from trusting especially men. I don’t want to live like this this. I want to change that buy me to fall to the floor, and Jesus set me free. Please Pray by God’s love mercy and Grace. And pray for healing in my family relationships with my daughter her husband, my son and his wife. I want my family back together again. This has never happened to us. God blessed us with a gorgeous home another vacation home and five businesses. In the 90s we lost everything because of the economy. I just want to feel so free relaxed and, I don’t know anymore all I know is I need help!!! And I know you pray and I know you’ll pray that God’s love mercy and Grace on me. and my loved ones. I just want a piece of free I want to enjoy my life and not be afraid that everything I do is a sin. We were raised under the law when we were little. Until my dad and his sisters learned the right way to serve the Lord not by law but by grace. That’s the way we were molded from 7 years old and I just can’t break away from it. And I know that’s a sin because Jesus died for my sins to set me free and took my place. Please pray for a miracle for my house for my business my son and family relationships. Thank you so much and God bless your ministry. At this moment I cannot donate any monetary gift. I pray for your ministry and thank you thank you for praying for me and my family. A miracle!!

    • Dear Niki… I just read every word of your testimony. And I prayed over every person and situation… especially for you. All the things you know about God with your head are also reaching your heart. Trust in this. Your words show you have faith! Believe this. If you didn’t have faith, you would not cry out to God. Keep crying out. Keep seeking. Christ is with you!

      I will keep praying for you and your family.

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