Prayer for anxiety relief

How to start praying for anxiety relief

Prayer frees you and heals you.

Maybe you want to learn about prayer for anxiety, but you don’t know how to get started. You might even feel embarrassed about it. Don’t worry, this article can help guide you on how to start praying.

When should I start?

Start now! Praying is really not as hard as many people think. You can begin a life rich in prayer at any time, and it’s never too late. Try this short prayer to start. Say out loud:

“Jesus, I trust in you.”

This little prayer is very powerful and effective. You can repeat it over and over at any time when you feel anxious or worried.

Set aside time

It’s important to set aside quality time for prayer. Many people who suffer from anxiety schedule time to see a psychologist or counselor. In the same manner, try to arrange time dedicated specifically for prayer.

Start simple

Get started by setting aside 15-30 minutes for prayer once a week. It should be a time when you can be completely alone with God. Be sure to:

  • Find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed
  • Turn off your cell phone
  • Turn off all TVs and radios
  • Be away from your computer/tablet or any other Internet device

If you have a Bible, have it next to you. If you don’t have a Bible, get one.

What should I say?

There are many ways to pray, but the most important thing is that it comes from your heart. You can begin simply by talking out loud to God. He hears you! Go ahead and tell him all your thoughts and worries. Don’t worry about order or formalities, just let it all out. If you have trouble getting started you can try phrases like:

  • Dear Lord, I need you to hear me…
  • Loving Father, I need your help with my worries…
  • Jesus, please help me with...

If you feel like you have nothing to say, don’t get discouraged. In these moments of silence, Jesus often speaks to your heart. Listen to him. You can also try prayers like:

  • Jesus, please free me from…
  • Sweet Lord, please heal me of…

Do I have to kneel when I pray?

Kneeling to pray is a  gesture of humility, but it’s not required. You can try sitting in a comfortable position if you like. It’s better not to lay in bed when you first start praying since you might fall asleep. No matter what position your body is in though, God hears you.

Why the Bible?

God’s Word is life itself. In the Holy Scriptures we find all of God’s wisdom. Try to get used to reading the Bible before, during or after your prayer. Your understanding will grow as you read his Word.

The Psalms are a great place to start. These “songs” to God are in fact prayers. The Psalms can help guide your prayer, and you’ll be amazed at how you identify with what you read.

Will prayer really help me with my anxiety?

Absolutely! Medical science has proven that prayerful people are healthier and happier. However, the benefits of prayer extend far beyond what medical studies can show.

Remember, Jesus Christ paid a great price for all of us. This means that you can be in God’s presence with confidence. It doesn’t depend on being perfect or good. It depends on you knowing that you are forgiven and loved.

Try to build up gradually but steadily to spending time in prayer every day. Even on days you don’t feel like it, make the effort. Every time you seek God’s presence, his blessings and peace appear – guaranteed.

Want your life to be different? Then pray for it.

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38 thoughts on “Prayer for anxiety relief

  1. I am asking for prayers for my health. I have GAD and health anxiety. I also have fibromyalgia and thyroid health issues and Chronic fatigue and have had a DVT.

  2. Pray that I am healed of rheumatoid arthritis, sjogrens, osteoporosis, stress, worry anxiety, depression and digestive issues. Thanks

  3. I want to request prayers for my family my children myself and the father of my kids of 17 yrs…Drugs has turned this family upside down and into someone I don’t know there is so much fighting yelling and no respect the enemy is working extra hard to tear us protect my children 16 yr old ruben and 2 yr old Israel from anything that is not of the Lord thank you god bless also i have a state test for Heart monitor tech please help my nerves that i put all anxiety and problems out my head to focus I have studied very hard and want this for my career thank u

    • Oh loving Lord… hear and accept your child’s prayer… set the family free from the aggression and lies of the enemy… pour out your mercy oh Lord… give them peace and rest… by the blood of Christ, unite them in your love… protect them with your Spirit… in Jesus name, Amen.

      I will be praying for you and your family… especially the children!

    • I have recently gotten 3rd dui. Looking at consequences worse than ever and dealing with a major battle at my home that’s tearing my life apart day by day and making look crazy due to years of drug abuse!! But I know it is made for me to overcome and be triumphant over and it’s divine intervention thru my best friend who fell to a self destructive death on my birthday this past year. He has come to me vividly for the duration of my great struggle to guide me I firmly believe so I can overcome the impossibly overwhelming power of evil in my life directly and by succeeding I help him get out of purgatory and into heaven! I can only say that I’ve found God in my life recently more than ever but may not be enough to win such a great opposition of illegal form in covert ways in the devil. The more I try to convince people what I see the more insane I look but it is not me and a hallucinating mind but only no credibility of my word and non believable presence of true world but lack of really seeing past a simple natural form but see the hidden people in inconsequential nature. I am not schizophrenia but seem it moreso thanks to this situation, but know i see this to end it and be a vessel of God. see body parts form in throughout a bushes leaves and trees inner workings to all whom never look twice and be observant like I’ve forced to be to prove my sanity!!! Not make more non believers but reveal a devil and evil of mass and tyranny to be put to an immediate end here! I’ve got video camera proof and still such deniability exists in those closest to me.

  4. Please pray for me. I have back lower back issues and my legs and feet pray for healing. I’ve gone for injections in my lower back muscles are tight a little arthritis to bulging discs the heel of my feet have pain went to the specialist praying I do not need an operation thank God the great physician will heal my body I asked him to touch and heal me. Anxiety and fear. Pray for my son Freddie that God will open a door for an apartment for his wife was children and himself that they can become a family again it’s been a few years. Pray that God give my son his peace that his favor be upon my son. September 21st we will be married 50 years period hasn’t been easy we have our own businesses lost them lost our home. 17 years of living with family trying on our own coming back to family. I don’t know what God’s plans are but I don’t have any peace I’m under stress and fear. That God will bless my marriage that my husband and I can’t communicate without arguing. I grew up in a my parents like that and I always felt insecure and scared I never heard I love you. They were good to us children yes. But my husband’s never around is always working doesn’t show affection doesn’t talk nice to me has a bad attitude he has his good points. I really asking God to make a way for my son to have an apartment he can afford he’s been on the street living in the truck living our truck for two and a half years his daughters want to come back home and live with them as a family. The girls are 15 and 19 living with their aunt for six seven years. Yes drugs were involved. But God is delivered has delivered them and is there getting help my son has a very tender loving heart and heart for God. He just hasn’t got the best influence with his in-laws that God will cover him with his precious blood. That God’s favor be upon my son wherever he goes the plus things will chase him down he’s a top-notch mechanic and people are drawn to him by his personality. Has a tender heart my heart goes out to him I gave up all the money I could to keep him in a motel for two years already food, clothes. Soul jewelry did the best I could. We are living with my brother, God bless him he is supporting us I’ll be 71 my husband or p73. My husband just keeps trying and working that God will bless him and bless me. I need God’s peace I want to be free from fear and anxiety I’ve had my life since I’m a little girl! I’m tired of living like this I just want my family together I want my son and daughter to talk again and my son-in-law and my daughter-in-law all four of them my family is divided. I never ever thought this would happen to me and my family ever since we lost our home and Business 17 years ago. My husband’s been struggling and trying he never gives up. I just want God to be in my marriage I tried for 50 years I did my very best to be the best wife and mother. To keep the peace. My husband’s got many good things about him but affection, talkin quietly without yelling and going off getting excited. Emotionally he doesn’t meet my needs. We’ve Grown Apart for 23 years. I long for that Godly marriage. We need a miracle God you’re the great physician touching him from the crown of my head to the soles of my feet in Jesus name I pray you meet all my needs physically spiritually and financially, and my family my loved ones in Jesus name.

    • I have been praying for you and your family Niki. Your life is hard. Remember though, you are the light of the world… you bring Christ to your family…. even if you don’t see it. Don’t let your light go out. Don’t let your hope in Jesus leave your family.

      God bless you. I will keep praying from here!

    • Get and read the book “fascinating womanhood “by Helen Andelin it will seriously help your marriage if you follow this advice.

  5. I ve been having anxiety for five years since I got laid off from my 13 years job. Also I had a back surgery laminectomy dec 2017. The pain is worse until now seems that the surgeon messed up. Won’t admit it of course after I did a nerve test it appears I have radiculapothy .i can’t work anymore or walk or do any activity. It’s affecting my life and my husband is not very supportive nor his daughter or anyone else not having this crucial pain. Just need prayers for Jesus to heal me. I’m loosing faith and patience so tired of myself.

    I cannot afford going to doctors anymore don’t have health insurance and I’m in Paris now trying to see if I can have medical assistance when I present my case in July.

    Just need prayers a miracle for this very painful sciatic ca pain thank you

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