Prayer for anxiety


Get free from anxiety.

If you are anxious or depressed you might be wondering if God can help you. The answer is clear. He can and he will. Prayer for Anxiety is dedicated to help you through this process.

Here you will find a healthy Christ-centered perspective to coping with and overcoming anxiety. We understand the advice to “pray more” isn’t enough. Sometimes God uses health professionals and medications to help you get better. We also recognize how important faith is for healing. Sadly, many doctors and psychologists have forgotten this.

We are witnesses to many people who have suffered for years from anxiety related disorders. Some of these people were also depressed, even to the point of attempted suicide. Many did not respond to conventional medical treatment.

Breaking free from the bonds of anxiety and depression is a process that requires time and the help of loved ones.

Remember, if you are anxious or depressed, God isn’t interested in blame – he’s interested in you.  When you receive his message of love, wonderful – even miraculous – things begin to happen.

Be encouraged!

Ask for prayer
Read helpful prayers

Be free

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27 thoughts on “Prayer for anxiety

  1. I would like to have a prayer for my grandson to pass his fed test on September 11 my grandson mom had him at the age of 14 he us 19 now trying to pass his GED so that he can go on to college he does not have his father in his life and his father doesn’t seem to want to be a part of his life my grandson is a good kid but if he does not pass his GED so that he can move on in life he would just stay home and do nothing he is to old to be in high school I dont want him sitting in the house day in and day out in the house all day and not doing anything I want good things for jsean my grandson he wants to get his GED so that he can go to college he did not ask to come into this world and really did not gave much of a father figure I want him to do well he wanted to become s professional basketball player but I’m still hoping that can happen for him I had it hard myself going to school It seems like i was always had to work harder for anything I had to do in school it was always so hard for me and the school system had fail me all the way through school and I never ever wanted this for my child or grandchild I feel like because I had it hard in school that it bounced off on to my grandchild and I dont want this for him i want to say proud things about my grandson also to say what college hes gonna go to and what his great qualifications he has achieved but the school system has fail him also please pray that he pass the GED test so he can move on to college it hurts me because he cant find a job but you need your high school diploma or GED today for employment because if he does not pass hes gooma just do nothing at home and keep gaining weight hes 19 years old and I work 7 days a week and to come home and have a 19 year old that’s been doing nothing all day then wants to know what’s the next thing to eat he needs to be in school and I dont want to be fussing and arguing everyday because he did nothing all day but eat and sleep and gain so much weight I love my grandson so much it hurts that this is what I am dealing with u dont want to give up on him he wants to go to school it just hurts when I hear all my friends talking about the good things there kids are doing for school and I feel so bad I have no good news to say about my grandson I cant kick him out he gas no where to go and living in New York rent is very high I dont want him in the streets then it would lead into bad things he doesn’t need to be getting into please pray that my grandson pass his GED test on September 11 I thank you for your prayer

    • It’s hard sometimes isn’t it? Caring and raising a loved one is not easy. Ever.

      I will be praying for you Tracey and for you grandson and is GED test

      May the Lord bless, protect and guide you!

  2. I have court today in 30 minutes. My ex-husband is trying to take my son from me. I am a good, loving and caring mom. Please pray that God will watch over me in court and defend me against the insults and lies. I need strength and a calm heart.

  3. I pray daily that my anxiety will let me free will let me be me. I want so badly to be one of those people I see that wal with their heads up high and proud I am always afraid to show those true colors I pray to you lord to help me overcome my fears.

    • Praying for you now Cheryl…

      Oh Lord… give Cheryl confidence knowing she is your child… Christ won that place for her… his work on the cross is irrevocable… pour out your Spirit over Cheryl… let her trust in you and your love… in Jesus name, Amen.

  4. My family is making a big move to a new home and a new state. This is a huge life change for us. We have had many obstacles in securing a new home and it is making me anxious ans scared. Please pray for us as we make a bid for another home that things will fall into place.

  5. My beloved hates his job, and his discontent spreads through our home, leaving me anxious all the time. In the past 3 years we’ve gone through severe health issues and unemployment. I need prayers for peace and balance.

  6. I have to drive 41/2 hours by myself on Saturday . There are strong thunderstorms in the forcast. I am filled with anxiety at the thought of getting caught in one on the interstate . Please pray I make it to my destination safely and that God will grant me peace and strength . Please pray that I can stay ahead of all storms and do not get caught in any .

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