Prayer for anxiety


Get free from anxiety.

If you are anxious or depressed you might be wondering if God can help you. The answer is clear. He can and he will. Prayer for Anxiety is dedicated to help you through this process.

Here you will find a healthy Christ-centered perspective to coping with and overcoming anxiety. We understand the advice to “pray more” isn’t enough. Sometimes God uses health professionals and medications to help you get better. We also recognize how important faith is for healing. Sadly, many doctors and psychologists have forgotten this.

We are witnesses to many people who have suffered for years from anxiety related disorders. Some of these people were also depressed, even to the point of attempted suicide. Many did not respond to conventional medical treatment.

Breaking free from the bonds of anxiety and depression is a process that requires time and the help of loved ones.

Remember, if you are anxious or depressed, God isn’t interested in blame – he’s interested in you.  When you receive his message of love, wonderful – even miraculous – things begin to happen.

Be encouraged!

Ask for prayer
Read helpful prayers

Be free

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27 thoughts on “Prayer for anxiety

  1. I pray that the judge has mercy for me as i go to court today for traffic tickets from over 10 years ago
    . I pray that I can get them taken care of in a timely manner and I can start to rebuild my life for my child and me . I pray that I give it all to god and he walks this path with me .
    Thank you Veronica

  2. I need prayer for a couple of issues.
    I need to stop gossiping at work and to make better choices. People have gossiped to me and I to them , however, now it is getting to the boss of what I said.

    I also reported about my assistant to the proper individual the time and it caused a big problem. I told if I go to employee relations, what I tell them mentioned to employee relations about what the issues about my concerns it would be kept confidential. However, I mentioned what was done to a colleague about her re-evaluation and other issues I had with my boss. Thisi got back to our boss. Now I fear my boss is going to fire me.

    Please pray God will stop me from gossiping and I kept my shut and just document the issues I have as protection.

    Thank you

    • Praying for you…

      Dear Lord… send strength to your child… help correct the wrong and build up character… send your guiding Spirit… bring repentance and restoration to the heart… pour out your mercy… in Jesus name, Amen.

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