Prayer for anxiety


Get free from anxiety.

If you are anxious, or carry the diagnosis of an anxiety disorder, you might be wondering if God can help you. The answer is clear. He can and he will. Prayer for Anxiety is dedicated to help you through this process.

There is plenty of scientific data about anxiety, but medical science is limited. Here you will find a healthy Christ-centered perspective to coping with and overcoming anxiety. This does not mean that psychiatrists, psychologists, and medications are not important. These topics will all be examined in the light of faith.

We are witnesses to many people who have suffered for years from anxiety related disorders. Some of these people were also depressed, even to the point of attempted suicide. Their illnesses did not respond to conventional medical treatment. When they began to really trust in God they began to break free from the bonds of anxiety and depression. Many have been even able to stop taking medications.

When faith comes first, wonderful – even miraculous – things begin to happen.

We do not recommend that anyone stop their medications without their doctor’s advice, but we do know that a life free from anxiety without drugs is possible.

Prayer makes this possible.

Start believing today!

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Read helpful prayers.

Be free

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