Prayer for a difficult situation

Nobody wants to suffer. Nobody likes to feel hurt and pain. One thing that happens sometimes when things get difficult is that people move away from God. They might even get mad at him. So they stop praying. They put down their Bible. They might not go to church anymore. And eventually their heart grows cold. 

One of the problems we might face is that we want fast, easy solutions. But life and faith don’t work that way. We are complex creatures. Life is messy sometimes. But it’s also beautiful and worth living, even if we struggle.

Jesus shows us a more excellent way. He shows us how love, faith, and forgiveness can lead to miraculous changes. It may take time, and it may not go as we planned, but God’s plan always shines through somehow.

So double down on your faith when things get tough. Don’t set any rigid expectations. Instead, take the time to seek God. He will reveal his truths to you in due time. Have confidence that God’s Spirit is constantly at work. Let him surprise you with what you will learn about him and about yourself. Let God’s love speak to you.

Prayer for a difficult situation

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Can a mother forget the baby at her breast
    and have no compassion on the child she has borne?
Though she may forget,
    I will not forget you!

Isaiah 49:15

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Prayer for a difficult situation

O merciful Lord,

I’m facing difficulty. It’s so hard for me. I feel lost and confused. I just want to run away.

Help me, O Lord, I need you. Don’t let me grow cold. Instead, let me grow closer to you than ever.

Remove the obstacles and change the hearts. Let me love as long as it takes.

Your Word has told me, and I believe. Christ did not reject me. Instead, he bled for me. He took away my shame.

Tell my heart again, O Lord, I am your beloved child. Christ, my Rock, my Savior, may his Spirit prepare me come what may.

In Jesus name I pray,


24 thoughts on “Prayer for a difficult situation

  1. My friends Gloria and Gary are under spiritual warfare and she asked me to pray for them..Gloria is weak, down to 84 pounds, horrible back pain. Gary has been battling cancer for years, and is very weak. Everything that could go wrong with the condition of there home,, flooding, destruction of carpet, walls, etc..tgey are running out of money and strength to ever get thru one more day. Can you send me a prayer that I can send to them, as my prayers are very child like and they truly need powerful prayer right away. Thank you and God bless.

    • Dear merciful Lord, you are the worthy of our thanks and praise. Lift up Gloria and Gary to you. Send them your mercy and providence, O Lord. Ease Gloria’s pain and strengthen Gary in body, mind and spirit. Let them come to you to receive your healing grace. Let them come to you to be transformed by your Holy Spirit. Let them offer their suffering up to Jesus to lighten their burden as Christ carries all our pain and suffering upon him. May Gloria and Greg seek and trust in you, O blessed Lord. Restore them up to you. Bless them. Protect them and guide them. Unite their hearts in the heart of Christ, and may they sing the praises as children of God. Bring them close to you, O Lord, cover them with your abundant love. Give them faith that reaches up to heaven above and may your name be glorified in their lives. In Jesus name, Amen.

      I am and will be praying for Gloria and Gray…. and for you Brenda. You are a good and faithful friend!

    • Heavenly father I pray in your holy name that the attacks of the enemies on your children’s lives be bound now. I pray under the authority you give us lord to banish the attacks and that your glory grace mercy and healing flow in their lives that you will restore all that has been lost and that a spirit of faith will be felt and lived rather than any fear that circumstances try to out on them. Holy spirit help them keep Thier eyes on you and to live in faith on unseen and not in the distractions of the world. You are the source of hope you are the source of peace and you are the source of provision. Come touch them lord bring healing of the body and mind. Bring blessing almighty lord in your name I pray amen

    • Brenda, I will pray for your friends Gloria and Gary. How weary they must feel. My heart goes out to them. It is so reassuring to know that our God is bigger than any circumstance we could or ever will face. May He give them strength, bring healing to their bodies and fill them with His perfect peace. I pray they will draw close to the Lord, finding comfort, rest and hope. God bless them abundantly and you to Brenda❤️.

  2. Prayer request for a young mother who has lost part of her leg due to blood clots…she has 2 young children and she does have a husband but it’s going to be hard mentally and physically… she’s going to nd all the encouragement she can get…and prayers for her Mom that is stressing over this..

    • Lord I lift up this young mother to You in prayer. Please fill her and her family with Your perfect peace. Bring people into her life that encourage and uplift her. Let her heart always trust in You, giving her comfort and strength.
      Also, please Strengthen her husband and her mother. I pray she will turn to You, Jesus when life becomes overwhelming and weary for her. Pour Your love into the hearts of this dear family, giving them patience, gentleness and an abundance of loving kindness toward in each other. Even when days seem too hard and darkness sets in, May they always seek You, Lord to light their way, and ease their burdens. Thank you that You are a God full of mercy, compassion and loving kindness. Thank you for hearing and answering our prayers. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

    • Lord please come with your power and live to this mother and family. Bring healing and restoration with your supernatural spirit. Lift the burden of the mental and physical anxiety as the family cope. Bring strength and encouragment to carry each of them through this time. Let them lean on you and your hope in all things and bring you the glory. In jesus name I pray this amen

  3. Just Knock Off This Morning And Try Tto Check On My Mail And Found This Great And Fabulous Prayer. To Me Its A Sign Of Wonderful Things I Wil Encounter Today. May The Lord Bless You

  4. Thank you again for Prayer for a Difficult Situation. We’ve been going thru so much pain with our son. In the last week he’s been to the hospital 2 times and still throwing up, high liver levels etc. Prayers that he stopped before alcoholism kills him.

    • Dear Jean,
      You have all been though so, so much. May the Lord bring healing and restoration soon. I am praying for you, your son and the family every day. Thank you for staying and sharing with us. Be covered by His grace and mercy.

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