Strength in the Storm – gain perspective & confidence

There’s a lot of noise out there about the Coronavirus pandemic. Some people act as if it’s no big deal while others are in total panic. The truth? Nobody knows how things will turn out.

How can you navigate the current crisis in a confident, God-centered way?

Strength in the Storm: Facing the COVID-19 Crisis shows you the issues run deeper than just the health risks. What is happening across the world is an opportunity to further understand deep spiritual truths.

The perspectives found in this quick-read eBook are nourishing… but the content will challenge you too.

Get through the crisis and come out even more solid in your faith.

Available on Amazon now. 

Strength in the Storm - Covid-19 book cover image



4 thoughts on “Strength in the Storm – gain perspective & confidence

  1. Please pray for my 26 year old daughter Kerry who has had poorly controlled diabetes. I have a huge fear of what the outcome would be if she was to get coronavirus.
    Also, pray that she responds well to new medications she is taking for ADHD.
    In Jesus’ name, Amen

  2. Prayer to calm my anxiety and pray COVID-19 go away in blood of Jesus. Prayer protect me and my daughter from the virus

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